Book Volume 26 2005

Citation Classics from Social Indicators Research

The Most Cited Articles Edited and Introduced by Alex C. Michalos


ISBN: 978-1-4020-3722-1 (Print) 978-1-4020-3742-9 (Online)

Table of contents (19 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-viii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-56

    Citation Classics: The Idea and the Collection

  3. Chapter

    Pages 57-73

    Social Indicators Research: A Case Study of the Development of a Journal

  4. Chapter

    Pages 75-100

    Developing Measures of Perceived Life Quality: Results from Several National Surveys

  5. Chapter

    Pages 101-115

    The Quality of Life in Large American Cities: Objective and Subjective Social Indicators

  6. Chapter

    Pages 117-136

    Quality of Life

  7. Chapter

    Pages 137-144

    Does Money Buy Satisfaction?

  8. Chapter

    Pages 145-172

    On the Multivariate Structure of Wellbeing

  9. Chapter

    Pages 173-190

    The Structure of Subjective Well-Being in Nine Western Societies

  10. Chapter

    Pages 191-219

    Measures of Self-Reported Well-Being: Their Affective, Cognitive, and other Components

  11. Chapter

    Pages 221-258

    Satisfaction and Happiness

  12. Chapter

    Pages 259-278

    The Stability and Validity of Quality of Life Measures

  13. Chapter

    Pages 279-303

    The Analysis and Measurement of Happiness as a Sense of Well-Being

  14. Chapter

    Pages 305-371

    Multiple Discrepancies Theory (MDT)

  15. Chapter

    Pages 373-399

    A Review of Research on the Happiness Measures: A Sixty Second Index of Happiness and Mental Health

  16. Chapter

    Pages 401-420

    Top-Down Versus Bottom-Up Theories of Subjective Well-Being

  17. Chapter

    Pages 421-475

    Assessing Subjective Well-Being: Progress and Opportunities

  18. Chapter

    Pages 477-536

    Is Happiness a Trait?

  19. Chapter

    Pages 537-558

    On the Trail of the Gold Standard for Subjective Well-Being

  20. Chapter

    Pages 559-584

    The Domains of Life Satisfaction: An Attempt to Order Chaos

  21. Back Matter

    Pages 585-624