Book Volume 3078 2004

Medical Simulation

International Symposium, ISMS 2004, Cambridge, MA, USA, June 17-18, 2004. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-540-22186-9 (Print) 978-3-540-25968-8 (Online)

Table of contents (32 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Soft Tissue Properties and Modeling

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-8

      Experimental Observation and Modelling of Preconditioning in Soft Biological Tissues

    2. Chapter

      Pages 9-18

      The Effects of Testing Environment on the Viscoelastic Properties of Soft Tissues

    3. Chapter

      Pages 19-27

      Comparison of Linear and Non-linear Soft Tissue Models with Post-operative CT Scan in Maxillofacial Surgery

    4. Chapter

      Pages 28-37

      Characterization of Soft-Tissue Material Properties: Large Deformation Analysis

    5. Chapter

      Pages 38-48

      Design, Development, and Testing of an Automated Laparoscopic Grasper with 3-D Force Measurement Capability

    6. Chapter

      Pages 49-58

      A Finite Element Study of the Influence of the Osteotomy Surface on the Backward Displacement during Exophthalmia Reduction

    7. Chapter

      Pages 59-66

      Liver Vessel Parameter Estimation from Tactile Imaging Information

    8. Chapter

      Pages 67-76

      A Nonlinear Finite Element Model of Soft Tissue Indentation

    9. Chapter

      Pages 77-83

      Indentation for Estimating the Human Tongue Soft Tissues Constitutive Law: Application to a 3D Biomechanical Model

    10. Chapter

      Pages 84-91

      Comparison of Knee Cruciate Ligaments Models Using In-vivo Step Up-Down Kinematics

  3. Real-Time Deformable Models

    1. Chapter

      Pages 92-104

      Multigrid Integration for Interactive Deformable Body Simulation

    2. Chapter

      Pages 105-113

      A Suture Model for Surgical Simulation

    3. Chapter

      Pages 114-123

      Real-Time Incision Simulation Using Discontinuous Free Form Deformation

    4. Chapter

      Pages 124-133

      An Interactive Parallel Multigrid FEM Simulator

    5. Chapter

      Pages 134-143

      On Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM) for Modelling of Organ Deformations Associated with Surgical Cuts

    6. Chapter

      Pages 144-152

      Mechanical Representation of Shape-Retaining Chain Linked Model for Real-Time Haptic Rendering

    7. Chapter

      Pages 153-160

      Interactive Real-Time Simulation of the Internal Limiting Membrane

  4. Haptic Rendering

    1. Chapter

      Pages 161-167

      Haptic Display for All Degrees of Freedom of a Simulator for Flexible Endoscopy

    2. Chapter

      Pages 168-176

      Surface Contact and Reaction Force Models for Laparoscopic Simulation

    3. Chapter

      Pages 177-184

      A New Methodology to Characterize Sensory Interaction for Use in Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation

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