Book Volume 100 2006


The Future Material for Advanced Technology Applications


ISBN: 978-3-540-29531-0 (Print) 978-3-540-35728-5 (Online)

Table of contents (24 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-21

    Aid of Scaling Laws in the Achievement of a Well-Controlled Film Deposition Process

  3. Chapter

    Pages 23-53

    A Spectroscopic Approach to Carbon Materials for Energy Storage

  4. Chapter

    Pages 55-75

    Biocompatibility, Cytotoxicity and Bioactivity of Amorphous Carbon Films

  5. Chapter

    Pages 77-93

    Characterisation of the Growth Mechanism during PECVD of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

  6. Chapter

    Pages 95-105

    Correlation Between Local Structure and Film Properties in Amorphous Carbon Materials

  7. Chapter

    Pages 107-135

    Defects in CVD Diamond Films from Their Response as Nuclear Detectors

  8. Chapter

    Pages 137-152

    Effects of Nanoscale Clustering in Amorphous Carbon

  9. Chapter

    Pages 153-174

    Elastic and Structural Properties of Carbon Materials Investigated by Brillouin Light Scattering

  10. Chapter

    Pages 175-186

    Electrical Resistivity and Real Structure of Magnetron-Sputtered Carbon Films

  11. Chapter

    Pages 187-216

    Formation, Atomic Structures and Properties of Carbon Nanocage Materials

  12. Chapter

    Pages 217-238

    Hard Amorphous Hydrogenated Carbon Films and Alloys

  13. Chapter

    Pages 239-265

    Ion Microscopy on Diamond

  14. Chapter

    Pages 267-286

    Measurements of Defect Density Inside CVD Diamond Films Through Nuclear Particle Penetration

  15. Chapter

    Pages 287-302

    Laser Ablation-Deposited CN x Thin Films

  16. Chapter

    Pages 303-327

    Modeling of the Transport Properties of Diamond Radiation Sensors

  17. Chapter

    Pages 329-343

    Nucleation Process of CVD Diamond on Molybdenum Substrates

  18. Chapter

    Pages 345-358

    Optical Characterisation of High-Quality Homoepitaxial Diamond

  19. Chapter

    Pages 359-380

    Pulsed Laser Deposition of Carbon Films: Tailoring Structure and Properties

  20. Chapter

    Pages 381-403

    Raman Spectra and Structure of sp 2 Carbon-Based Materials: Electron–Phonon Coupling, Vibrational Dynamics and Raman Activity

  21. Chapter

    Pages 403-421

    Raman Spectroscopy and Optical Properties of Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon Films

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