Book Volume 1541 1998

Applied Parallel Computing Large Scale Scientific and Industrial Problems

4th International Workshop, PARA’98 Umeå, Sweden, June 14–17, 1998 Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-540-65414-8 (Print) 978-3-540-49261-0 (Online)

Table of contents (75 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-6

    Communications latency hiding techniques for a reconfigurable optical interconnect: Benchmark studies

  3. Chapter

    Pages 7-11

    Multifrontal solvers within the PARASOL environment

  4. Chapter

    Pages 12-19

    Parallelization of a 3D FD-TD code for the Maxwell equations using MPI

  5. Chapter

    Pages 20-27

    Advanced calculations and visualization of enzymatic reactions with the combined quantum classical molecular dynamics code

  6. Chapter

    Pages 28-37

    Memory access profiling tools for alpha-based architectures

  7. Chapter

    Pages 38-42

    Parallelized block-structured Newton-type methods in dynamic process simulation

  8. Chapter

    Pages 43-47

    Tuning the performance of parallel programs on NOW’s using performance analysis tool

  9. Chapter

    Pages 48-55

    Numerical simulation of 3D fully nonlinear water waves on parallel computers

  10. Chapter

    Pages 56-62

    Fluctuations in the defect creation by ion beam irradiation

  11. Chapter

    Pages 63-70

    Parallelisation of an industrial hydrodynamics application using the PINEAPL library

  12. Chapter

    Pages 71-75

    Hyper-rectangle selection strategy for parallel adaptive numerical integration

  13. Chapter

    Pages 76-81

    Parallilising fuzzy queries for spatial data modelling on a cray T3D

  14. Chapter

    Pages 82-87

    Hyper-systolic implementation of BLAS-3 routines on the APE100/Quadrics machine

  15. Chapter

    Pages 88-94

    Resource management for ultra-scale computational grid applications

  16. Chapter

    Pages 95-103

    A ScaLAPACK-style algorithm for reducing a regular matrix pair to block Hessenberg-triangular form

  17. Chapter

    Pages 104-111

    Parallel tight-binding molecular dynamics code based on integration of HPF and optimized parallel libraries

  18. Chapter

    Pages 112-119

    Parallel computation of multidimensional scattering wavefunctions for Helmholtz/Schroedinger equations

  19. Chapter

    Pages 120-128

    New serial and parallel recursive QR factorization algorithms for SMP systems

  20. Chapter

    Pages 129-133

    Visualization of CFD computations

  21. Chapter

    Pages 134-141

    Improving the performance of scientific parallel applications in a cluster of workstations

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