Diasporic Philosophy and Counter-Education


ISBN: 978-94-6091-364-8 (Online)

Table of contents (17 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xxviii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 29-45

    The Nomadic Existence of the Eternal Improviser and Diasporic Co-Poiesis in the Era of Mega-Speed

  3. Chapter

    Pages 47-58

    Diasporic Philosophy, Homelessness, and Counter-Education in Context: The Israeli-Palestinian Example

  4. Chapter

    Pages 59-81

    Adorno and Horkheimer: Diasporic Philosophy, Negative Theology, and Counter-Education

  5. Chapter

    Pages 83-117

    Beyond Peace Education: Toward Co-Poiesis and Enduring Improvisation

  6. Chapter

    Pages 119-125

    Diasporic Philosophy, Counter-Education and Improvisation

  7. Chapter

    Pages 127-140

    Judaism, Postcolonialism and Diasporic Education in the Era of Globalization

  8. Chapter

    Pages 141-169

    Diaspora, Philosophy and Counter-Education in Face of Post-colonial Reality

  9. Chapter

    Pages 171-191

    The Posibility of a New Critical Language from the Sources of Jewish Negative Theology

  10. Chapter

    Pages 193-206

    Education in the World of Diasporas

  11. Chapter

    Pages 207-221

    Nomadism: Against Methodological Nationalism

  12. Chapter

    Pages 223-232

    The Coexistence of Cultures

  13. Chapter

    Pages 233-250

    Vignetes of Ambiguity

  14. Chapter

    Pages 251-257

    Language, Identity, and Exile

  15. Chapter

    Pages 259-270

    Witgenstein as Exile: Philosophical Topography

  16. Chapter

    Pages 271-283

    Diaspora as Catastrophe, Diaspora as a Mision and the Postcolonial Philosophy of Edward Said

  17. Chapter

    Pages 285-299

    Homelesness, Restlesness and Diasporic Poetry

  18. Chapter

    Pages 301-313

    Ecology and Pedagogy: On the Educational Implications of Postwar Environmental Philosophy

  19. Back Matter

    Pages 315-322