Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing

Recent Trends


ISBN: 978-94-007-0010-9 (Print) 978-94-007-0011-6 (Online)

Table of contents (19 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-ix

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-15

    Automatic Segmentation of the Optic Radiation Using DTI in Healthy Subjects and Patients with Glaucoma

  3. Chapter

    Pages 17-35

    Real Time Colour Based Player Tracking in Indoor Sports

  4. Chapter

    Pages 37-74

    Visualization of the Dynamics of the Female Pelvic Floor Reflex and Steady State Function

  5. Chapter

    Pages 75-89

    Population Exposure and Impact Assessment: Benefits of Modeling Urban Land Use in Very High Spatial and Thematic Detail

  6. Chapter

    Pages 91-112

    Dynamic Radiography Imaging as a Tool in the Design and Validation of a Novel Intelligent Amputee Socket

  7. Chapter

    Pages 113-123

    A Discrete Level Set Approach for Texture Analysis of Microscopic Liver Images

  8. Chapter

    Pages 125-143

    Deformable and Functional Models

  9. Chapter

    Pages 145-160

    Medical-GiD: From Medical Images to Simulations, 4D MRI Flow Analysis

  10. Chapter

    Pages 161-174

    KM and KHM Clustering Techniques for Colour Image Quantisation

  11. Chapter

    Pages 175-190

    Caries Detection in Panoramic Dental X-ray Images

  12. Chapter

    Pages 191-207

    Noisy Medical Image Edge Detection Algorithm Based on a Morphological Gradient Using Uninorms

  13. Chapter

    Pages 209-228

    Leveraging Graphics Hardware for an Automatic Classification of Bone Tissue

  14. Chapter

    Pages 229-246

    A Novel Template-Based Approach to the Segmentation of the Hippocampal Region

  15. Chapter

    Pages 247-263

    Model-Based Segmentation and Fusion of 3D Computed Tomography and 3D Ultrasound of the Eye for Radiotherapy Planning

  16. Chapter

    Pages 265-279

    Flow of a Blood Analogue Solution Through Microfabricated Hyperbolic Contractions

  17. Chapter

    Pages 281-295

    Molecular Imaging of Hypoxia Using Genetic Biosensors

  18. Chapter

    Pages 297-309

    Microscale Flow Dynamics of Red Blood Cells in Microchannels: An Experimental and Numerical Analysis

  19. Chapter

    Pages 311-326

    Two Approaches for Automatic Nuclei Cell Counting in Low Resolution Fluorescence Images

  20. Chapter

    Pages 327-349

    Cerebral Aneurysms: A Patient-Specific and Image-Based Management Pipeline