Restoration of Lakes, Streams, Floodplains, and Bogs in Europe

Principles and Case Studies


ISBN: 978-90-481-9264-9 (Print) 978-90-481-9265-6 (Online)

Table of contents (17 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xvii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-24

    Criteria for Sustainable Restoration of the Landscape

  3. Chapter

    Pages 25-35

    The Evolution of Lakes and Wetlands

  4. Chapter

    Pages 37-43

    Development of Aquatic Macrophytes in Shallow Lakes and Ponds

  5. Chapter

    Pages 45-70

    Food Web and Trophic Interaction and Development

  6. Chapter

    Pages 71-75

    Principles, Planning and Accomplishment of Lake Restoration Projects

  7. Chapter

    Pages 77-84

    Restoration of Eutrophic Lakes by Sediment Treatment

  8. Chapter

    Pages 85-99

    Restoration of Eutrophic Lakes by Phosphorus Precipitation, with a Case Study on Lake Gross-Glienicker

  9. Chapter

    Pages 101-122

    Restoration of Lakes Through Sediment Removal, with Case Studies from Lakes Trummen, Sweden and Vajgar, Czech Republic

  10. Chapter

    Pages 123-144

    Treatment of Overgrown Shallow Lakes Through Macrophyte Control: The Case Study of Lake Hornborga, Sweden

  11. Chapter

    Pages 145-183

    The Stream and Beyond: Reinstating Natural Functions in Streams and Their Floodplains

  12. Chapter

    Pages 185-223

    Floodplain Restoration of Large European Rivers, with Examples from the Rhine and the Danube

  13. Chapter

    Pages 225-242

    Restoration of Streams in the Agricultural Landscape

  14. Chapter

    Pages 243-263

    Effects of Drain Blocking on the Acrotelm of Two Raised Bogs in the Irish Midlands: A Quantitative Assessment

  15. Chapter

    Pages 265-283

    Self-Recovery of Cut-over Bogs: Summary from Case Studies

  16. Chapter

    Pages 285-330

    Restoration of Raised Bogs: Mechanisms and Case Studies from the Netherlands

  17. Chapter

    Pages 331-354

    Restoration of Drained Mires in the Šumava National Park, Czech Republic

  18. Chapter

    Pages 355-366

    Local and Global Impacts of Mire Drainage: An Impetus for Hydrology Restoration: Yelnia Mire, Belarus

  19. Back Matter

    Pages 367-374