Process and Bias Through Time


ISBN: 978-90-481-8642-6 (Print) 978-90-481-8643-3 (Online)

Table of contents (16 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-17

    Taphonomy: Bias and Process Through Time

  3. Chapter

    Pages 19-77

    Taphonomic Overprints on Phanerozoic Trends in Biodiversity: Lithification and Other Secular Megabiases

  4. Chapter

    Pages 79-105

    Taphonomic Bias in Shelly Faunas Through Time: Early Aragonitic Dissolution and Its Implications for the Fossil Record

  5. Chapter

    Pages 107-198

    Comparative Taphonomy and Sedimentology of Small-Scale Mixed Carbonate/Siliciclastic Cycles: Synopsis of Phanerozoic Examples

  6. Chapter

    Pages 199-221

    Taphonomy of Animal Organic Skeletons Through Time

  7. Chapter

    Pages 223-247

    Molecular Taphonomy of Plant Organic Skeletons

  8. Chapter

    Pages 249-285

    The Relationship Between Continental Landscape Evolution and the Plant-Fossil Record: Long Term Hydrologic Controls on Preservation

  9. Chapter

    Pages 287-336

    Hierarchical Control of Terrestrial Vertebrate Taphonomy Over Space and Time: Discussion of Mechanisms and Implications for Vertebrate Paleobiology

  10. Chapter

    Pages 337-373

    Microtaphofacies: Exploring the Potential for Taphonomic Analysis in Carbonates

  11. Chapter

    Pages 375-409

    Taphonomy of Reefs Through Time

  12. Chapter

    Pages 411-434

    Silicification Through Time

  13. Chapter

    Pages 435-456

    Phosphatization Through the Phanerozoic

  14. Chapter

    Pages 457-486

    Three-Dimensional Morphological (CLSM) and Chemical (Raman) Imagery of Cellularly Mineralized Fossils

  15. Chapter

    Pages 487-518

    Taphonomy in Temporally Unique Settings: An Environmental Traverse in Search of the Earliest Life on Earth

  16. Chapter

    Pages 519-567

    Evolutionary Trends in Remarkable Fossil Preservation Across the Ediacaran–Cambrian Transition and the Impact of Metazoan Mixing

  17. Chapter

    Pages 569-590

    Mass Extinctions and Changing Taphonomic Processes

  18. Back Matter

    Pages 591-599