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Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation VII

Proceedings of the Seventh International ERCOFTAC Workshop on Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation, held at the University of Trieste, September 8-10, 2008


ISBN: 978-90-481-3651-3 (Print) 978-90-481-3652-0 (Online)

Table of contents (86 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xvi

  2. Fundamentals

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1

    2. Chapter

      Pages 1-10

      Wall-Modeled Large-Eddy Simulations: Present Status and Prospects

    3. Chapter

      Pages 11-16

      A Study of the Influence of the Reynolds Number on Jet Self-Similarity Using Large-Eddy Simulation

    4. Chapter

      Pages 17-23

      Direct Numerical Simulation of Fractal-Generated Turbulence

    5. Chapter

      Pages 25-31

      Turbulent Oscillating Channel Flow Subjected to Wind Stress

    6. Chapter

      Pages 33-39

      DNS of a Periodic Channel Flow with Isothermal Ablative Wall

    7. Chapter

      Pages 41-47

      Diagnostic Properties of Structure Tensors in Turbulent Flows

    8. Chapter

      Pages 49-54

      Development of Brown–Roshko Structures in the Mixing Layer Behind a Splitter Plate

    9. Chapter

      Pages 55-61

      DNS of Spatially-Developing Three-Dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layers

    10. Chapter

      Pages 63-68

      Direct Numerical Simulation and Experimental Results of a Turbulent Channel Flow with Pin Fins Array

    11. Chapter

      Pages 69-74

      New Experimental Results for a LES Benchmark Case

    12. Chapter

      Pages 75-80

      Direct Computation of the Sound Radiated by Shear Layers Using Upwind Compact Schemes

    13. Chapter

      Pages 81-84

      DNS of Orifice Flow with Turbulent Inflow Conditions

    14. Chapter

      Pages 85-88

      The Mean Flow Profile of Wall-Bounded Turbulence and Its Relation to Turbulent Flow Topology

    15. Chapter

      Pages 89-93

      Large Eddy Simulation of a Rectangular Turbulent Jet in Crossflow

    16. Chapter

      Pages 95-98

      Numerical Simulation of a 2D Starting-Plume Cloud-Flow

  3. Methodologies and Modelling Techiques

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 102-102

    2. Chapter

      Pages 99-108

      Variational Multiscale Theory of LES Turbulence Modeling

    3. Chapter

      Pages 109-115

      An Immersed Interface Method in the Framework of Implicit Large-Eddy Simulation

    4. Chapter

      Pages 117-123

      Simulation of Gravity-Driven Flows Using an Iterative High-Order Accurate Navier–Stokes Solver

    5. Chapter

      Pages 125-130

      Compact Fourth-Order Finite-Volume Method for Numerical Solutions of Navier–Stokes Equations on Staggered Grids

    6. Chapter

      Pages 131-136

      An Accurate Numerical Method for DNS of Turbulent Pipe Flow

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