Inequality in Education

Comparative and International Perspectives


ISBN: 978-90-481-2651-4 (Print) 978-90-481-2652-1 (Online)

Table of contents (24 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xxvi

  2. Introduction

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-33

      Inequality in Education: A Critical Analysis

  3. Conceptual Issues

    1. Chapter

      Pages 34-58

      Distribution of Opportunities Key to Development

    2. Chapter

      Pages 59-85

      Does Capitalism Inevitably Increase Inequality?

    3. Chapter

      Pages 86-127

      Education and Inequality in the Developing World

    4. Chapter

      Pages 128-148

      Gender Inequalities in Educational Participation

    5. Chapter

      Pages 149-171

      Inequalities in Education for People with Disabilities

    6. Chapter

      Pages 172-189

      Language and Democracy in Africa

  4. Asia

    1. Chapter

      Pages 190-214

      Reconstructing Access in the Cambodian Education System

    2. Chapter

      Pages 215-239

      Higher Education in China: Access, Equity and Equality

    3. Chapter

      Pages 240-260

      Using Enrollment and Attainment in Formal Education to Understand the Case of India

    4. Chapter

      Pages 261-289

      Education Inequality in the Republic of Korea: Measurement and Causes

    5. Chapter

      Pages 290-306

      Access and Equity: Who are the Students at Taiwan's Top Universities?

    6. Chapter

      Pages 307-323

      Provincial, Ethnic, and Gender Disparities in Education: A Descriptive Study of Vietnam

  5. Europe

    1. Chapter

      Pages 324-347

      Different Paths, Similar Effects: Persistent Inequalities and Their Sources in European Higher Education

    2. Chapter

      Pages 348-368

      Religious Education and Islam in Europe

  6. Middle East & North Africa

    1. Chapter

      Pages 369-391

      Social Inequalities, Educational Attainment, and Teachers in Egypt

    2. Chapter

      Pages 392-416

      Inequalities in Iranian Education: Representations of Gender, Socioeconomic Status, Ethnic Diversity, and Religious Diversity in School Textbooks and Curricula

  7. North & South America

    1. Chapter

      Pages 417-443

      Mexico: Evolution of Education and Inequality in the Last Two Decades

    2. Chapter

      Pages 444-460

      Issues of Difference Contributing to US Education Inequality

    3. Chapter

      Pages 461-484

      Measuring Educational Inequality in South Africa and Peru

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