Multimedia Processing, Communication and Computing Applications

Proceedings of the First International Conference, ICMCCA, 13-15 December 2012


ISBN: 978-81-322-1142-6 (Print) 978-81-322-1143-3 (Online)

Table of contents (27 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xxxv

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-10

    An Efficient Method for Indian Vehicle Number Plate Extraction

  3. Chapter

    Pages 11-23

    Facial Boundary Image Reconstruction Using Elliptical Approximation and Convex Hull

  4. Chapter

    Pages 25-33

    South Indian Handwritten Script Identification at Block Level from Trilingual Script Document Based on Gabor Features

  5. Chapter

    Pages 35-49

    Indic Language Machine Translation Tool: English to Kannada/Telugu

  6. Chapter

    Pages 51-61

    Real-Time Stereo Camera Calibration Using Stereo Synchronization and Erroneous Input Image Pair Elimination

  7. Chapter

    Pages 63-76

    Topic Modeling for Content Based Image Retrieval

  8. Chapter

    Pages 77-89

    Texture in Classification of Pollen Grain Images

  9. Chapter

    Pages 91-102

    Representation and Classification of Medicinal Plant Leaves: A Symbolic Approach

  10. Chapter

    Pages 103-113

    Linear Discriminant Analysis for 3D Face Recognition Using Radon Transform

  11. Chapter

    Pages 115-126

    Fusion of Texture Features and SBS Method for Classification of Tobacco Leaves for Automatic Harvesting

  12. Chapter

    Pages 127-138

    Stacked Classifier Model with Prior Resampling for Lung Nodule Rating Prediction

  13. Chapter

    Pages 139-153

    A Comparative Analysis of Intensity Based Rotation Invariant 3D Facial Landmarking System from 3D Meshes

  14. Chapter

    Pages 155-167

    Thermal Human Face Recognition Based on Haar Wavelet Transform and Series Matching Technique

  15. Chapter

    Pages 169-180

    A Hybrid Approach for Enhancing the Security of Information Content of an Image

  16. Chapter

    Pages 181-194

    Recognition of Limited Vocabulary Kannada Words Through Structural Pattern Matching: An Experimentation on Low Resolution Images

  17. Chapter

    Pages 195-207

    Stained Blood Cell Detection and Clumped Cell Segmentation Useful for Malaria Parasite Diagnosis

  18. Chapter

    Pages 209-220

    A Novel Approach for Shot Boundary Detection in Videos

  19. Chapter

    Pages 221-228

    Enhancing COCOA Framework for Tracking Multiple Objects in the Presence of Occlusion in Aerial Image Sequences

  20. Chapter

    Pages 229-240

    User Dependent Features in Online Signature Verification

  21. Chapter

    Pages 241-252

    An Integrated Filter Based Approach for Image Abstraction and Stylization

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