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Bio-mechanisms of Swimming and Flying

Fluid Dynamics, Biomimetic Robots, and Sports Science


ISBN: 978-4-431-73379-9 (Print) 978-4-431-73380-5 (Online)

Table of contents (31 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-XIV

  2. Biological Aspects of Locomotive Mechanisms and Behaviors of Animals While Swimming and Flying

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1

    2. Chapter

      Pages 3-15

      Asymmetric Swimming Motion of Singly Flagellated Bacteria near a Rigid Surface

    3. Chapter

      Pages 17-28

      Properties of a Semi-dilute Suspension of Swimming Micro-organisms

    4. Chapter

      Pages 29-40

      Dynamics Modeling and Real-time Observation of Galvanotaxis in Paramecium caudatum

    5. Chapter

      Pages 41-52

      Object Manipulation by a Formation-controlled Euglena Group

    6. Chapter

      Pages 53-65

      Passive Mechanisms Controlling Posture and Trajectory in Swimming Fishes

    7. Chapter

      Pages 67-77

      Mechanical Properties of the Caudal Fin Resulting from the Caudal Skeletal Structure of the Bluefin Tuna

    8. Chapter

      Pages 79-90

      Design of Artificial Tail Flukes for a Bottlenose Dolphin

    9. Chapter

      Pages 91-102

      Changes in Drag Acting on an Angled Wavy Siliconrubber Plate as a Model of the Skin Folds of a Swimming Dolphin

    10. Chapter

      Pages 103-116

      Central nervous system underlying fish swimming [A review]

    11. Chapter

      Pages 117-127

      Underwater Acoustical Sensing Behavior of Porpoises

    12. Chapter

      Pages 129-139

      Micro-structural Approach to Developing the Resonance Model of the Indirect Flight Mechanism

  3. Hydrodynamics of Swimming and Flying

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 141-141

    2. Chapter

      Pages 143-154

      Studies of Hydrodynamics in Fishlike Swimming Propulsion

    3. Chapter

      Pages 155-166

      Optimisation of Fish Shape and Swim Mode in Fully Resolved 2-D Flow Field by Genetic Algorithm with the Least Square Prediction Method

    4. Chapter

      Pages 167-178

      Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Anguilliform Swimmers

    5. Chapter

      Pages 179-191

      A Numerical Study of Hovering Aerodynamics in Flapping Insect Flight

    6. Chapter

      Pages 193-204

      Stabilization of Flapping-of-Wings Flight of a Butterfly, Considering Wakes

    7. Chapter

      Pages 205-217

      3-D Unsteady Computations of Flapping Flight in Insects, Fish, and Unmanned Vehicles

  4. Biomimetic Swimming or Flying Robots

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 219-219

    2. Chapter

      Pages 221-232

      Design and Simulations of a Virtual Fishlike Robot Actuated by a Muscle Model

    3. Chapter

      Pages 233-245

      Development of Fish Robots Powered by Fuel Cells: Improvement of Swimming Ability by a Genetic Algorithm and Flow Analysis by Computational Fluid Dynamics

    4. Chapter

      Pages 247-258

      Design and Control of Biomimetic Robot Fish FAC-I

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