Book Volume 64 2007

Systems Biological Approaches in Infectious Diseases


ISBN: 978-3-7643-7566-9 (Print) 978-3-7643-7567-6 (Online)

Table of contents (12 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-ix

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-20

    Systems biology and its impact on anti-infective drug development

  3. Chapter

    Pages 21-47

    Applications of transcriptional profiling in antibiotics discovery and development

  4. Chapter

    Pages 49-77

    Chemical genetics: An evolving toolbox for target identification and lead optimization

  5. Chapter

    Pages 79-101

    Proteomic profiling of cellular stresses in Bacillus subtilis reveals cellular networks and assists in elucidating antibiotic mechanisms of action

  6. Chapter

    Pages 103-129

    Elucidating the mode-of-action of compounds from metabolite profiling studies

  7. Chapter

    Pages 131-170

    A subsystems-based approach to the identification of drug targets in bacterial pathogens

  8. Chapter

    Pages 171-189

    Metabolic control analysis to identify optimal drug targets

  9. Chapter

    Pages 191-215

    The protein network as a tool for finding novel drug targets

  10. Chapter

    Pages 217-238

    Toxicogenomics applied to predictive and exploratory toxicology for the safety assessment of new chemical entities: a long road with deep potholes

  11. Chapter

    Pages 239-263

    Biological robustness in complex host-pathogen systems

  12. Chapter

    Pages 265-309

    Toward whole cell modeling and simulation: Comprehensive functional genomics through the constraint-based approach

  13. Chapter

    Pages 311-343

    Genomics of host-pathogen interactions

  14. Back Matter

    Pages 345-349