Renal Insufficiency in Children

  • Monika Bulla
Conference proceedings

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVII
  2. Pathological Investigations in Renal Insufficiency in Children

    1. Front Matter
      Pages XVII-XVII
    2. The Nephronophthisis Complex; a Clinicopathologic Study
      R. Waldherr, T. Lennert, H.-P. Weber, H. J. Födisch, D. Michalk, D. E. Müller-Wiefel et al.
      Pages 7-22
    3. Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome Associated with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
      K. Schärer, R. Waldherr, D. E. Müller-Wiefel, F. Manz, V. Lenhard, O. Mehls
      Pages 23-30
    4. The Importance of Lectin Receptors in the Diagnosis of Infectious, Immunologic and Neoplastic Diseases of the Kidney
      M. Ortmann, P. J. Klein, M. Vierbuchen, G. Uhlenbruck, R. Fischer
      Pages 31-38
    5. Prognosis of Hereditary Nephropathy
      J. Bělobrádková
      Pages 39-41
    6. The Treatment of Primary Hyperoxaluria with Intermittent Dialysis and Transplantation
      R. A. Donckerwolcke, R. H. Kuijten, J. D. van Gool, P. P. G. Kramer
      Pages 42-53
  3. Metabolic Problems in Renal Insufficiency in Children

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 55-55
    2. The Behaviour of Liver Function Tests in Children Under a Chronic Hemodialysis Program
      K. Zoellner, W. Eggert, W.-R. Cario, K. Buchali
      Pages 57-60
    3. Influence of Hemodialysis and Hemofiltration on Neurographic Data in Children
      B. F. Reitter, S. Johannsen, K. Pistor, K. Scharer
      Pages 61-69
    4. Electrophysiological Examination of the Peripheral Nerves in Children with Chronic Renal Failure
      B. Ryniewicz, M. Sieniawska, J. Karczeńska, I. Hausmanowa-Petrusewicz, M. Marciniak
      Pages 70-80
    5. Elevation of Nephrogenous Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate as Evidence of Early Renal Osteodystrophy
      A. M. Krensky, W. E. Grupe, J. R. Ingelfinger, W. E. Harmon
      Pages 86-91
    6. Urinary Osmolality in Late Stage Nephritis and Nephrosis
      S. Túri, J. Ormos, L. Sztriha
      Pages 92-95
    7. Studies of Sulfate in Children with Chronic Renal Failure
      D. Michalk, F. Manz, K. Schärer
      Pages 96-102
    8. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in Children on Maintenance Dialysis Therapy
      J. Urbach, J. Glaser, A. Drukker
      Pages 103-109
    9. Plasma Catecholamines, Renin, and Aldosterone During Hemodialysis and Hemofiltration in Children
      W. Rauh, P. Steels, B. Klare, D. E. Müller-Wiefel, G. Sohl, O. Mehls
      Pages 110-115
    10. The Role of Prolactin in Renal Disease
      K. Ijaiya, E. N. Obineche, M. Bulla, B. Roth
      Pages 116-120

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The world community of pediatric nephrologists has grown to a great number of active members. A number of them are interested in problems of renal insufficiency and kidney replacement therapy. Therefore, many vital meetings concerning this vibrant speciality have been included in international pediatric congresses. But the discussion of ten-minutes-papers in a large auditorium was often limited, criticism tended to be muted, lively discussions have only occasionally succeeded for the reason that the topics have tended to be too specialized for the audiences in relation to the large number of other discussions about questions and results in pedeatric science. In Cologne, therefore, we decided to hold a conference concerning problems, advances and controversies in renal insufficiency in children, which would have a limited but general audience in rooms of a modest size, topics that tended to polarize a world-wide faculty of experts who liked their basic views to be opposed. The session would be chaired by persons well-known for inciting discussion and even difficult questions in order to stimulate a vital debate between delegates and audiences. One important part of the meeting was therefore the discussion in an open and familiar way as it is known in other workshops. We called the conference "KaIner Kinderdialyse-Symposium". The first conference was held in November 1975, and evoked an extra­ ordinary enthusiastic response from both audiences and delegates, so we held a second one in 1978 and the third meeting was in 1981.


Children Dialyse Kinderheilkunde Niereninsuffizienz kidney

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