Book Volume 8219 2013

The Semantic Web – ISWC 2013

12th International Semantic Web Conference, Sydney, NSW, Australia, October 21-25, 2013, Proceedings, Part II

ISBN: 978-3-642-41337-7 (Print) 978-3-642-41338-4 (Online)

Table of contents (31 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. In-Use Track

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-16

      Social Listening of City Scale Events Using the Streaming Linked Data Framework

    2. Chapter

      Pages 17-32

      Deployment of RDFa, Microdata, and Microformats on the Web – A Quantitative Analysis

    3. Chapter

      Pages 33-48

      Entity Recommendations in Web Search

    4. Chapter

      Pages 49-64

      The Energy Management Adviser at EDF

    5. Chapter

      Pages 65-80

      Incorporating Commercial and Private Data into an Open Linked Data Platform for Drug Discovery

    6. Chapter

      Pages 81-97

      When History Matters - Assessing Reliability for the Reuse of Scientific Workflows

    7. Chapter

      Pages 98-113

      Integrating NLP Using Linked Data

    8. Chapter

      Pages 114-129

      A Linked-Data-Driven and Semantically-Enabled Journal Portal for Scientometrics

    9. Chapter

      Pages 130-145

      Cross-Language Semantic Retrieval and Linking of E-Gov Services

    10. Chapter

      Pages 146-161

      Using the Past to Explain the Present: Interlinking Current Affairs with Archives via the Semantic Web

    11. Chapter

      Pages 162-177

      Publishing the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s FactPages as Semantic Web Data

    12. Chapter

      Pages 178-194

      Real-Time Urban Monitoring in Dublin Using Semantic and Stream Technologies

    13. Chapter

      Pages 195-211

      Using Semantic Web in ICD-11: Three Years Down the Road

    14. Chapter

      Pages 212-227

      Semantic Data and Models Sharing in Systems Biology: The Just Enough Results Model and the SEEK Platform

    15. Chapter

      Pages 228-243

      Reasoning on Crowd-Sourced Semantic Annotations to Facilitate Cataloguing of 3D Artefacts in the Cultural Heritage Domain

    16. Chapter

      Pages 244-259

      Using Linked Data to Evaluate the Impact of Research and Development in Europe: A Structural Equation Model

  3. Evaluations and Experiments Track

    1. Chapter

      Pages 260-276

      Crowdsourcing Linked Data Quality Assessment

    2. Chapter

      Pages 277-293

      SPARQL Web-Querying Infrastructure: Ready for Action?

    3. Chapter

      Pages 294-309

      String Similarity Metrics for Ontology Alignment

    4. Chapter

      Pages 310-325

      NoSQL Databases for RDF: An Empirical Evaluation

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