Software Business. From Physical Products to Software Services and Solutions

4th International Conference, ICSOB 2013, Potsdam, Germany, June 11-14, 2013. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-642-39335-8 (Print) 978-3-642-39336-5 (Online)

Table of contents (28 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Software Business Models and Business Process Modeling

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-12

      The Impact of Software Business Model Characteristics on Firm Performance

    2. Chapter

      Pages 13-25

      Second-Order Servification

    3. Chapter

      Pages 26-30

      Sustainable Business Models for Services Using Semantic Web Components: Insights from the Field

  3. IT Markets and Software Industry

    1. Chapter

      Pages 31-42

      Measuring Sales Cannibalization in Information Technology Markets: Conceptual Foundations and Research Issues

    2. Chapter

      Pages 43-47

      Determinants and Dynamics of Technology-Related Acquisitions: The Case of Software-Based Industries

  4. IT within Organizations

    1. Chapter

      Pages 48-59

      Engineering Open Innovation – Towards a Framework for Fostering Open Innovation

    2. Chapter

      Pages 60-72

      Improving Businesses Success by Managing Interactions among Agile Teams in Large Organizations

    3. Chapter

      Pages 73-78

      Current Trends in Employee Recruitment Using the Internet

  5. Software Product Management

    1. Chapter

      Pages 79-89

      Post-deployment Data Collection in Software-Intensive Embedded Products

    2. Chapter

      Pages 90-101

      A Model of Commercial Open Source Software Product Features

    3. Chapter

      Pages 102-116

      A Framework for Strategic Positioning of IT-Products

  6. Cloud Computing

    1. Chapter

      Pages 117-129

      Cloud Services Pricing Models

    2. Chapter

      Pages 130-140

      The Impact of Software-as-a-Service on Software Ecosystems

    3. Chapter

      Pages 141-152

      Towards a Conceptual Framework for Assessing the Benefits of Cloud Computing

  7. Entrepreneurship and Startup Companies

    1. Chapter

      Pages 153-165

      The Importance of the Business Idea for New Venture Creation in the Software Industry

    2. Chapter

      Pages 166-177

      Exploring How Feature Usage Relates to Customer Perceived Value: A Case Study in a Startup Company

    3. Chapter

      Pages 178-182

      Business Incubation Practices and Software Start-up Success in Turkey

  8. Software Platforms and Software Ecosystems

    1. Chapter

      Pages 183-194

      Ecosystem Health of Cloud PaaS Providers

    2. Chapter

      Pages 195-206

      Defining App Stores: The Role of Curated Marketplaces in Software Ecosystems

    3. Chapter

      Pages 207-211

      Towards Platform-Based Enterprise Systems – Conceptualization and Research Directions

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