NASA Formal Methods

5th International Symposium, NFM 2013, Moffett Field, CA, USA, May 14-16, 2013. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-642-38087-7 (Print) 978-3-642-38088-4 (Online)
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Table of contents (37 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Session 1: Model Checking

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 1-15

      Improved State Space Reductions for LTL Model Checking of C and C++ Programs

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 16-31

      Regular Model Checking Using Solver Technologies and Automata Learning

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 32-47

      Improved on-the-Fly Livelock Detection

  3. Session 2: Applications of Formal Methods

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 48-62

      Evaluating Human-Human Communication Protocols with Miscommunication Generation and Model Checking

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 63-77

      Using Model-Checking to Reveal a Vulnerability of Tamper-Evident Pairing

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 78-92

      SMT-Based Analysis of Biological Computation

  4. Session 3: Complex Systems

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 93-107

      Freshness and Reactivity Analysis in Globally Asynchronous Locally Time-Triggered Systems

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 108-123

      Enclosing Temporal Evolution of Dynamical Systems Using Numerical Methods

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 124-138

      Inferring Automata with State-Local Alphabet Abstractions

  5. Session 4: Static Analysis

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 139-154

      Incremental Invariant Generation Using Logic-Based Automatic Abstract Transformers

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 155-169

      Numerical Abstract Domain Using Support Functions

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 170-184

      Widening as Abstract Domain

    4. Book Chapter

      Pages 185-197

      LiquidPi: Inferrable Dependent Session Types

  6. Session 5: Symbolic Execution

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 198-212

      Automated Verification of Chapel Programs Using Model Checking and Symbolic Execution

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 213-228

      Formal Analysis of GPU Programs with Atomics via Conflict-Directed Delay-Bounding

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 229-243

      Bounded Lazy Initialization

  7. Session 6: Requirements and Specifications

    1. Book Chapter

      Pages 244-260

      From UML to Process Algebra and Back: An Automated Approach to Model-Checking Software Design Artifacts of Concurrent Systems

    2. Book Chapter

      Pages 261-275

      Automatically Detecting Inconsistencies in Program Specifications

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 276-290

      BLESS: Formal Specification and Verification of Behaviors for Embedded Systems with Software

    4. Book Chapter

      Pages 291-306

      Towards Complete Specifications with an Error Calculus

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