Book Volume 7761 2013

Clinical Image-Based Procedures. From Planning to Intervention

International Workshop, CLIP 2012, Held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2012, Nice, France, October 5, 2012, Revised Selected Papers

ISBN: 978-3-642-38078-5 (Print) 978-3-642-38079-2 (Online)

Table of contents (16 chapters)

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    Head Motion Compensation for Arterial Spin Labeling Using Optical Motion Tracking

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    Intervention Planning of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Radio-Frequency Ablations

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    A Flexible Surgical Tool Localization Using a 3D Ultrasound Calibration System for Fetoscopic Tracheal Occlusion (FETO)

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    Analysis of Structural MRI Data for the Localisation of Focal Cortical Dysplasia in Epilepsy

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    Automatic Detection and Quantification of Mitral Regurgitation on TTE with Application to Assist Mitral Clip Planning and Evaluation

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    A Prospective Evaluation of Computer-Assisted Deep Brain Stimulation Trajectory Planning

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    Method for 3D-2D Registration of Vascular Images: Application to 3D Contrast Agent Flow Visualization

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    Towards Automatic Path Planning for Multi-port Minimally-Traumatic Lateral Skull Base Surgery

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    Automated Segmentation and Anatomical Labeling of Abdominal Arteries Based on Multi-organ Segmentation from Contrast-Enhanced CT Data

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    Technical Evaluation of a Third Generation Optical Pose Tracker for Motion Analysis and Image-Guided Surgery

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    Personalized Surgical Planning to Support Interventions and Training of Surgeons

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    Ultrasound B-Mode Segmentation for Registration with CT in Percutaneous Hepatic Interventions

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    Computer-Based Quantitative Assessment of Skull Morphology for Craniosynostosis

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    Intra-patient Non-rigid Registration of 3D Vascular Cerebral Images

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    Comparison of Rigid Registration Methods in Four Clinical Scenarios

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    Pages 122-129

    Differences in Radiotherapy Delivery and Outcome Due to Contouring Variation

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