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Genetic Programming

16th European Conference, EuroGP 2013, Vienna, Austria, April 3-5, 2013. Proceedings

ISBN: 978-3-642-37206-3 (Print) 978-3-642-37207-0 (Online)

Table of contents (23 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Oral Presentations

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-12

      Adaptive Distance Metrics for Nearest Neighbour Classification Based on Genetic Programming

    2. Chapter

      Pages 13-24

      Controlling Bloat through Parsimonious Elitist Replacement and Spatial Structure

    3. Chapter

      Pages 25-36

      Generation of VNS Components with Grammatical Evolution for Vehicle Routing

    4. Chapter

      Pages 37-48

      Understanding Expansion Order and Phenotypic Connectivity in πGE

    5. Chapter

      Pages 49-60

      PhenoGP: Combining Programs to Avoid Code Disruption

    6. Chapter

      Pages 61-72

      Reducing Wasted Evaluations in Cartesian Genetic Programming

    7. Chapter

      Pages 73-84

      Balancing Learning and Overfitting in Genetic Programming with Interleaved Sampling of Training Data

    8. Chapter

      Pages 85-96

      Automated Design of Probability Distributions as Mutation Operators for Evolutionary Programming Using Genetic Programming

    9. Chapter

      Pages 97-108

      Robustness and Evolvability of Recombination in Linear Genetic Programming

    10. Chapter

      Pages 109-120

      On the Evolvability of a Hybrid Ant Colony-Cartesian Genetic Programming Methodology

    11. Chapter

      Pages 121-132

      Discovering Subgroups by Means of Genetic Programming

    12. Chapter

      Pages 133-144

      Program Optimisation with Dependency Injection

    13. Chapter

      Pages 145-156

      Searching for Novel Classifiers

    14. Chapter

      Pages 157-168

      Learning Reusable Initial Solutions for Multi-objective Order Acceptance and Scheduling Problems with Genetic Programming

    15. Chapter

      Pages 169-180

      Automated Problem Decomposition for the Boolean Domain with Genetic Programming

    16. Chapter

      Pages 181-192

      A Multi-objective Optimization Energy Approach to Predict the Ligand Conformation in a Docking Process

    17. Chapter

      Pages 193-204

      Semantic Bias in Program Coevolution

    18. Chapter

      Pages 205-216

      A New Implementation of Geometric Semantic GP and Its Application to Problems in Pharmacokinetics

  3. Posters

    1. Chapter

      Pages 217-228

      A Grammar-Guided Genetic Programming Algorithm for Multi-Label Classification

    2. Chapter

      Pages 229-240

      Global Top-Scoring Pair Decision Tree for Gene Expression Data Analysis

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