Book Volume 7791 2013

Compiler Construction

22nd International Conference, CC 2013, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2013, Rome, Italy, March 16-24, 2013. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-642-37050-2 (Print) 978-3-642-37051-9 (Online)

Table of contents (13 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

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  2. Session I: Register Allocation

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-20

      Optimal Register Allocation in Polynomial Time

    2. Chapter

      Pages 21-40

      Optimal and Heuristic Global Code Motion for Minimal Spilling

  3. Session II: Pointer Analysis

    1. Chapter

      Pages 41-60

      Efficient and Effective Handling of Exceptions in Java Points-to Analysis

    2. Chapter

      Pages 61-81

      An Incremental Points-to Analysis with CFL-Reachability

    3. Chapter

      Pages 82-101

      FESA: Fold- and Expand-Based Shape Analysis

  4. Session III: Data and Information Flow

    1. Chapter

      Pages 102-122

      Simple and Efficient Construction of Static Single Assignment Form

    2. Chapter

      Pages 123-143

      PolyGLoT: A Polyhedral Loop Transformation Framework for a Graphical Dataflow Language

    3. Chapter

      Pages 144-163

      Architecture-Independent Dynamic Information Flow Tracking

  5. Session IV: Machine Learning

    1. Chapter

      Pages 164-183

      On the Determination of Inlining Vectors for Program Optimization

    2. Chapter

      Pages 184-203

      Automatic Generation of Program Affinity Policies Using Machine Learning

  6. Session V: Refactoring

    1. Chapter

      Pages 204-223

      Compiler-Guided Identification of Critical Sections in Parallel Code

    2. Chapter

      Pages 224-243

      Refactoring MATLAB

    3. Chapter

      Pages 244-263

      On LR Parsing with Selective Delays

  7. Back Matter

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