Long-Distance Systemic Signaling and Communication in Plants


ISBN: 978-3-642-36469-3 (Print) 978-3-642-36470-9 (Online)

Table of contents (19 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-21

    Long-Distance Signaling in Systemic Acquired Resistance

  3. Chapter

    Pages 23-52

    Salicylic Acid-Induced Local and Long-Distance Signaling Models in Plants

  4. Chapter

    Pages 53-70

    Long-Distance Signaling via Mobile RNAs

  5. Chapter

    Pages 71-104

    Systemic Epigenetic Signaling in Plants

  6. Chapter

    Pages 105-124

    Long-Distance Signals Produced by Water-Stressed Roots

  7. Chapter

    Pages 125-147

    Oxygen Deficiency-Induced Root-to-Shoot Communication

  8. Chapter

    Pages 149-166

    Systemic Signaling in the Maintenance of Phosphate Homeostasis

  9. Chapter

    Pages 167-188

    Long-Distance Signaling of Iron Deficiency in Plants

  10. Chapter

    Pages 189-204

    Strigolactones and the Coordinated Development of Shoot and Root

  11. Chapter

    Pages 205-218

    Auxin as Long-Distance Signal Controlling Root Architecture in Response to Nitrogen

  12. Chapter

    Pages 219-229

    Systemic Signalling in Legume Nodulation: Nodule Formation and Its Regulation

  13. Chapter

    Pages 231-250

    Systemic Signaling in Light Acclimation of Leaves

  14. Chapter

    Pages 251-274

    Systemic Photooxidative Stress Signalling

  15. Chapter

    Pages 275-290

    Macromolecules Trafficking in the Phloem and Interorgan Communication

  16. Chapter

    Pages 291-308

    Electrical Long-Distance Signaling in Plants

  17. Chapter

    Pages 309-321

    Intercellular Communication in Plants: Evidence for an EMF-Generated Signal that Evokes Local and Systemic Transcriptional Responses in Tomato

  18. Chapter

    Pages 323-362

    Systemic Wound Signaling in Plants

  19. Chapter

    Pages 363-392

    Calcium as a Trigger and Regulator of Systemic Alarms and Signals along the Phloem Pathway

  20. Chapter

    Pages 393-412

    The Role of Volatiles in Plant–Plant Interactions

  21. Back Matter

    Pages 413-419