Modern Probabilistic Methods for Analysis of Telecommunication Networks

Belarusian Winter Workshops in Queueing Theory, BWWQT 2013, Minsk, Belarus, January 28-31, 2013. Proceedings

ISBN: 978-3-642-35979-8 (Print) 978-3-642-35980-4 (Online)

Table of contents (23 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-10

    Analysis of Queueing System with Constant Service Time for SIP Server Hop-by-Hop Overload Control

  3. Chapter

    Pages 11-19

    On Mean Return Time in Queueing System with Constant Service Time and Bi-level Hysteric Policy

  4. Chapter

    Pages 20-25

    Discrete-Time Queueing System with Expulsions

  5. Chapter

    Pages 26-32

    Stationary Distribution Invariance of an Open Queueing Network with Temporarily Non-active Customers

  6. Chapter

    Pages 33-36

    An Open Queueing Network with Temporarily Non-active Customers and Rounds

  7. Chapter

    Pages 37-49

    Analysis of MAP/PH/c Retrial Queue with Phase Type Retrials – Simulation Approach

  8. Chapter

    Pages 50-58

    Fluid Flow Analysis of RED Algorithm with Modified Weighted Moving Average

  9. Chapter

    Pages 59-68

    A Tandem Queueing System with Batch Session Arrivals

  10. Chapter

    Pages 69-82

    Socio-behavioral Scheduling of Time-Frequency Resources for Modern Mobile Operators

  11. Chapter

    Pages 83-92

    Queueing System MAP/M/N/N + K Operating in Random Environment as a Model of Call Center

  12. Chapter

    Pages 93-104

    Optimal Choice of the Capacities of Telecommunication Networks to Provide QoS-Routing

  13. Chapter

    Pages 105-114

    A Retrial Tandem Queue with Two Types of Customers and Reservation of Channels

  14. Chapter

    Pages 115-121

    Some Aspects of Waiting Time in Cyclic-Waiting Systems

  15. Chapter

    Pages 122-130

    Gaussian Approximation of Multi-channel Networks in Heavy Traffic

  16. Chapter

    Pages 131-139

    Performance Evaluation of Finite Buffer Queues through Regenerative Simulation

  17. Chapter

    Pages 140-146

    Finite Source Retrial Queues with State-Dependent Service Rate

  18. Chapter

    Pages 147-156

    Multidimensional Alternative Processes Reliability Models

  19. Chapter

    Pages 157-166

    BMAP/G/1 Cyclic Polling Model with Binomial Disciplines

  20. Chapter

    Pages 167-176

    Analysis of Fluid Queues in Saturation with Additive Decomposition

  21. Chapter

    Pages 177-186

    Queue-Size Distribution in M/G/1-Type System with Bounded Capacity and Packet Dropping

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