Book Volume 7731 2013

Data Privacy Management and Autonomous Spontaneous Security

7th International Workshop, DPM 2012, and 5th International Workshop, SETOP 2012, Pisa, Italy, September 13-14, 2012. Revised Selected Papers

ISBN: 978-3-642-35889-0 (Print) 978-3-642-35890-6 (Online)

Table of contents (23 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Data Privacy Management

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-14

      Fair Anonymous Authentication for Location Based Services

    2. Chapter

      Pages 15-28

      Enhancing Privacy in LTE Paging System Using Physical Layer Identification

    3. Chapter

      Pages 29-42

      Post-hoc User Traceability Analysis in Electronic Toll Pricing Systems

    4. Chapter

      Pages 43-60

      An Efficient and Secure Coding-Based Authenticated Encryption Scheme

    5. Chapter

      Pages 61-74

      Proposal of Non-invasive Fingerprint Age Determination to Improve Data Privacy Management in Police Work from a Legal Perspective Using the Example of Germany

    6. Chapter

      Pages 75-88

      Differential Privacy in Tripartite Interaction: A Case Study with Linguistic Minorities in Canada

    7. Chapter

      Pages 89-103

      EsPRESSo: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Evaluation of Sample Set Similarity

    8. Chapter

      Pages 104-117

      SlopPy: Slope One with Privacy

    9. Chapter

      Pages 118-132

      A Semi-lattice Model for Multi-lateral Security

    10. Chapter

      Pages 133-145

      Prioritized Execution of Privacy Policies

    11. Chapter

      Pages 146-159

      What Websites Know About You

    12. Chapter

      Pages 160-173

      Automating Privacy Enforcement in Cloud Platforms

    13. Chapter

      Pages 174-186

      Evaluation of Jif and Joana as Information Flow Analyzers in a Model-Driven Approach

  3. Autonomous and Spontaneous Security

    1. Chapter

      Pages 187-200

      Analyzing HTTP User Agent Anomalies for Malware Detection

    2. Chapter

      Pages 201-216

      AS5: A Secure Searchable Secret Sharing Scheme for Privacy Preserving Database Outsourcing

    3. Chapter

      Pages 217-226

      Configuration Assessment as a Service

    4. Chapter

      Pages 227-242

      Automated Smartphone Security Configuration

    5. Chapter

      Pages 243-257

      On the Detectability of Weak DoS Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks

    6. Chapter

      Pages 258-273

      μSec: A Security Protocol for Unicast Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks

    7. Chapter

      Pages 274-286

      Security Monitoring for Content-Centric Networking

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