Mobile Communication and Power Engineering

Second International Joint Conference, AIM/CCPE 2012, Bangalore, India, April 27-28, 2012, Revised Selected Papers


ISBN: 978-3-642-35863-0 (Print) 978-3-642-35864-7 (Online)

Table of contents (86 chapters)

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      Cluster Based Dynamic Keying Technique for Authentication in Wireless Sensor Networks

    2. Chapter

      Pages 9-16

      RrMm - A Measurement Model to Quantify the Effect of Reengineering Risk in Quality Perspective of Legacy System

    3. Chapter

      Pages 17-26

      Association Based Image Retrieval: A Survey

    4. Chapter

      Pages 27-32

      Development of Wireless Sensor Node to Monitor Poultry Farm

    5. Chapter

      Pages 33-40

      Energy Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network

    6. Chapter

      Pages 41-49

      Adaptive Delay and Energy Aware Data Aggregation Technique in Wireless Sensor Networks

    7. Chapter

      Pages 50-55

      Investigation on the Influence of Packet Sizes on WRR Queue Management in Ethernet Switch

    8. Chapter

      Pages 56-61

      Component Based Software Development in Distributed Systems

    9. Chapter

      Pages 62-69

      Design of Open Equation Archive Server Resistant against Denial-of-Service Attacks

    10. Chapter

      Pages 70-77

      Real-Time Model Checking for Regulatory Compliance

    11. Chapter

      Pages 78-85

      A Biometric Based Design Pattern for Implementation of a Security Conscious E-Voting System Using Cryptographic Protocols

    12. Chapter

      Pages 86-91

      Fingerprint Matching Based on Texture Feature

    13. Chapter

      Pages 92-96

      A Comparative Study and Design of Full Adder Cells Using Carbon Nano Tube FET

    14. Chapter

      Pages 97-102

      Reduction of Data Size in Intrusion Domain Using Modified Simulated Annealing Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm

    15. Chapter

      Pages 103-108

      Using Limited Flooding in On-Demand Distance Vector Junior for Reduction Power Consumption in ZigBee Networks

    16. Chapter

      Pages 109-114

      Optimization for Agent Path Finding in Soccer 2D Simulation

    17. Chapter

      Pages 115-121

      Compressive Sensing for Pulse Position Modulated UWB Signal

    18. Chapter

      Pages 122-127

      NN Based Ontology Mapping

    19. Chapter

      Pages 128-136

      A Load Reduction and Balancing Scheme for MAG Operating in PMIPv6 Domain

    20. Chapter

      Pages 137-142

      Document Image Segmentation for Kannada Script Using Zone Based Projection Profiles

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