Book Volume 7522 2012

Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2012

11th International Conference, ICEC 2012, Bremen, Germany, September 26-29, 2012. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-642-33541-9 (Print) 978-3-642-33542-6 (Online)

Table of contents (81 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Storytelling

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-15

      Social Interaction for Interactive Storytelling

    2. Chapter

      Pages 16-29

      Gaming after Dark

    3. Chapter

      Pages 30-44

      Information-Gathering Events in Story Plots

    4. Chapter

      Pages 45-52

      Design and Evaluation of Parametrizable Multi-genre Game Mechanics

  3. Serious Games (Learning and Training)

    1. Chapter

      Pages 53-66

      A Virtual Training Tool for Giving Talks

    2. Chapter

      Pages 67-74

      Stories from the History of Czechoslovakia, A Serious Game for Teaching History of the Czech Lands in the 20th Century – Notes on Design Concepts and Design Process

  4. Self and Identity

    1. Chapter

      Pages 75-84

      Cognitive Processes Involved in Video Game Identification

    2. Chapter

      Pages 85-99

      An Annotation Scheme for Social Interaction in Digital Playgrounds

    3. Chapter

      Pages 100-113

      Philosophy Meets Entertainment: Designing an Interactive Virtual Philosopher

    4. Chapter

      Pages 114-121

      Spotting the Difference: Identifying Player Opponent Preferences in FPS Games

  5. Interactive Performance

    1. Chapter

      Pages 122-129

      AR Paint: A Fusion System of a Paint Tool and AR

    2. Chapter

      Pages 130-143

      Pictures at an Exhibition: Design of a Hybrid Puppetry Performance Piece

  6. Mixed Reality and 3D Worlds

    1. Chapter

      Pages 144-157

      Follow the Grass: A Smart Material Interactive Pervasive Display

    2. Chapter

      Pages 158-171

      The ICOCOON Virtual Meeting Room: A Virtual Environment as a Support Tool for Multipoint Teleconference Systems

    3. Chapter

      Pages 172-184

      Playing with the Weather

    4. Chapter

      Pages 185-192

      fAARS: A Platform for Location-Aware Trans-reality Games

  7. Serious Games (Health and Social)

    1. Chapter

      Pages 193-206

      How to Analyse Therapeutic Games: The Player / Game / Therapy Model

    2. Chapter

      Pages 207-220

      Game-Based Trust

    3. Chapter

      Pages 221-234

      Design of Tangible Games for Children Undergoing Occupational and Physical Therapy

    4. Chapter

      Pages 235-242

      Game Design for Older Adults: Effects of Age-Related Changes on Structural Elements of Digital Games

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