Open Source Systems: Long-Term Sustainability

8th IFIP WG 2.13 International Conference, OSS 2012, Hammamet, Tunisia, September 10-13, 2012. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-642-33441-2 (Print) 978-3-642-33442-9 (Online)

Table of contents (47 chapters)

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    1. Collaboration and Forks in OSS Projects

      1. Chapter

        Pages 1-14

        A Comprehensive Study of Software Forks: Dates, Reasons and Outcomes

      2. Chapter

        Pages 15-28

        A Model of Open Source Developer Foundations

      3. Chapter

        Pages 29-47

        Long-Term Sustainability of Open Source Software Communities beyond a Fork: A Case Study of LibreOffice

      Community Issues

      1. Chapter

        Pages 48-60

        Step-by-Step Strategies and Case Studies for Embedded Software Companies to Adapt to the FOSS Ecosystem

      2. Chapter

        Pages 61-77

        Citizen Engineering: Evolving OSS Practices to Engineering Design and Analysis

      3. Chapter

        Pages 78-93

        Gender Differences in Early Free and Open Source Software Joining Process

      Open Education and Peer-Production Models

      1. Chapter

        Pages 94-111

        Emerging Hackerspaces – Peer-Production Generation

      2. Chapter

        Pages 112-128

        Exploring the Barriers and Enablers to the Use of Open Educational Resources by University Academics in Africa

      Integration and Architecture

      1. Chapter

        Pages 129-143

        OSS Integration Issues and Community Support: An Integrator Perspective

      2. Chapter

        Pages 144-159

        Designing Secure Systems Based on Open Architectures with Open Source and Closed Source Components

      Business Ecosystems

      1. Chapter

        Pages 160-177

        Using Multiple Case Studies to Analyse Open Source Software Business Sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa

      2. Chapter

        Pages 178-200

        Exploring the Role of Commercial Stakeholders in Open Source Software Evolution

      3. Chapter

        Pages 201-215

        Exploring the Role of Outside Organizations in Free / Open Source Software Projects

      Adoption and Evolution of OSS

      1. Chapter

        Pages 216-232

        Two Evolution Indicators for FOSS Projects

      2. Chapter

        Pages 233-243

        Open Source Migration in Greek Public Sector: A Feasibility Study

  3. Lightning Talks

    1. Community Issues

      1. Chapter

        Pages 244-249

        Free and Open Source Software Adoption in Emerging Markets: An Empirical Study in the Education Sector

      2. Chapter

        Pages 250-255

        Open-Source Technologies Realizing Social Networks: A Multiple Descriptive Case-Study

      3. Chapter

        Pages 256-261

        A Qualitative Method for Mining Open Source Software Repositories

      OSS Quality

      1. Chapter

        Pages 262-267

        The Impact of Formal QA Practices on FLOSS Communities – The Case of Mozilla

      2. Chapter

        Pages 268-273

        Do More Experienced Developers Introduce Fewer Bugs?

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