Book Volume 7416 2012

RoboCup 2011: Robot Soccer World Cup XV

ISBN: 978-3-642-32059-0 (Print) 978-3-642-32060-6 (Online)

Table of contents (50 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Champion Papers

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-12

      WrightEagle and UT Austin Villa: RoboCup 2011 Simulation League Champions

    2. Chapter

      Pages 13-24

      Robot Hardware, Software, and Technologies behind the SKUBA Robot Team

    3. Chapter

      Pages 25-36

      B-Human 2011 – Eliminating Game Delays

    4. Chapter

      Pages 37-50

      RoboCup 2011 Humanoid League Winners

    5. Chapter

      Pages 51-62

      Towards Robust Mobility, Flexible Object Manipulation, and Intuitive Multimodal Interaction for Domestic Service Robots

    6. Chapter

      Pages 63-77

      RoboCupJunior – A Decade Later

  3. Best Paper

    1. Chapter

      Pages 78-89

      Compliant Task-Space Control with Back-Drivable Servo Actuators

  4. Papers with Oral Presentation

    1. Chapter

      Pages 90-101

      Planning Stable Paths for Urban Search and Rescue Robots

    2. Chapter

      Pages 102-113

      A Center of Mass Observing 3D-LIPM Gait for the RoboCup Standard Platform League Humanoid

    3. Chapter

      Pages 114-125

      Ball Interception Behaviour in Robotic Soccer

    4. Chapter

      Pages 126-136

      Rigid and Soft Body Simulation Featuring Realistic Walk Behaviour

    5. Chapter

      Pages 137-148

      Towards Robust Object Categorization for Mobile Robots with Combination of Classifiers

    6. Chapter

      Pages 149-161

      Learning Visual Obstacle Detection Using Color Histogram Features

    7. Chapter

      Pages 162-173

      Gradient Vector Griding: An Approach to Shape-Based Object Detection in RoboCup Scenarios

    8. Chapter

      Pages 174-185

      AnySURF: Flexible Local Features Computation

    9. Chapter

      Pages 186-197

      Online Motion Planning for Multi-robot Interaction Using Composable Reachable Sets

    10. Chapter

      Pages 198-209

      Real-Time Trajectory Generation by Offline Footstep Planning for a Humanoid Soccer Robot

    11. Chapter

      Pages 210-221

      Real Time Biped Walking Gait Pattern Generator for a Real Robot

  5. Papers with Poster Presentation

    1. Chapter

      Pages 222-233

      Efficient Multi-hypotheses Unscented Kalman Filtering for Robust Localization

    2. Chapter

      Pages 234-245

      A Portable Ground-Truth System Based on a Laser Sensor

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