Book Volume 141 2012

Progress in Turbulence and Wind Energy IV

Proceedings of the iTi Conference in Turbulence 2010

ISBN: 978-3-642-28967-5 (Print) 978-3-642-28968-2 (Online)

Table of contents (63 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages 1-12

  2. Session 1 Basic Turbulence Aspects

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1

    2. Chapter

      Pages 3-6

      Scale-Energy Fluxes in Wall-Turbulent Flows

    3. Chapter

      Pages 7-10

      Conservation Laws of Helically Symmetric Flows and Their Importance for Turbulence Theory

    4. Chapter

      Pages 11-15

      Velocity/Pressure-Gradient Correlation Modelling for Improved Prediction of Reattachment and Relaxation

    5. Chapter

      Pages 17-20

      Turbulence without Richardson-Kolmogorov Cascade

    6. Chapter

      Pages 21-24

      New Statistical Symmetries of the Two-Point Correlation Equations for Turbulent Flows

    7. Chapter

      Pages 25-30

      Cumulant Corrections in Turbulence

    8. Chapter

      Pages 31-34

      Decaying Turbulence and Anomalous Dissipation

    9. Chapter

      Pages 35-39

      Secondary Splitting of Zero Gradient Points in Turbulent Scalar Fields

    10. Chapter

      Pages 41-44

      Multi-scale Analysis of Turbulence in CFD-Simulations

    11. Chapter

      Pages 45-48

      A Note on Spatial Zero Crossings of Fluctuating Velocity Field in Wall Bounded Turbulent Flows

    12. Chapter

      Pages 49-55

      Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Fluid Turbulence

    13. Chapter

      Pages 57-60

      Two-Point Enstrophy Statistics of Fully Developed Turbulence

  3. Session 2 Particle Laden Flows _ Lagrangian Turbulence

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 61-61

    2. Chapter

      Pages 63-66

      Inertial Particles in a Turbulent Premixed Bunsen Flame

    3. Chapter

      Pages 67-70

      Lagrangian Acceleration Statistics in 2D and 3D Turbulence

    4. Chapter

      Pages 71-74

      Transport of Inertial Particles in Turbulent Jets

    5. Chapter

      Pages 75-78

      Probability Density Functions of Reacting Species Concentrations in Turbulent Wall-Jet

  4. Session 3 Modeling and Simulation

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 79-79

    2. Chapter

      Pages 81-84

      Characterisation of Synthetic Turbulence Methods for Large-Eddy Simulation of Supersonic Boundary Layers

    3. Chapter

      Pages 85-89

      A Uniformly Valid Theory of Turbulent Separation

    4. Chapter

      Pages 91-94

      Application and Comparison of Two Different DNS Algorithms for Simulating Transition to Turbulence in Taylor-Green Vortex Flow

  5. Session 4 Experimental Methods

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 95-95

    2. Chapter

      Pages 97-100

      Optimization of a Digital In-line Holography Setup Used with a High-Speed Camera

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