Book Volume 7212 2012

Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering

15th International Conference, FASE 2012, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2012, Tallinn, Estonia, March 24 - April 1, 2012. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-642-28871-5 (Print) 978-3-642-28872-2 (Online)

Table of contents (34 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Invited Talk

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-25

      Distributed Process Discovery and Conformance Checking

  3. Software Architecture and Components

    1. Chapter

      Pages 26-42

      Model-Driven Techniques to Enhance Architectural Languages Interoperability

    2. Chapter

      Pages 43-58

      Moving from Specifications to Contracts in Component-Based Design

    3. Chapter

      Pages 59-62

      The SynchAADL2Maude Tool

  4. Services

    1. Chapter

      Pages 63-77

      Consistency of Service Composition

    2. Chapter

      Pages 78-93

      Stable Availability under Denial of Service Attacks through Formal Patterns

    3. Chapter

      Pages 94-98

      Loose Programming with PROPHETS

  5. Verification and Monitoring

    1. Chapter

      Pages 99-114

      Schedule Insensitivity Reduction

    2. Chapter

      Pages 115-129

      Adaptive Task Automata: A Framework for Verifying Adaptive Embedded Systems

    3. Chapter

      Pages 130-145

      Verified Resource Guarantees for Heap Manipulating Programs

    4. Chapter

      Pages 146-162

      An Operational Decision Support Framework for Monitoring Business Constraints

  6. Intermodelling and Model Transformations

    1. Chapter

      Pages 163-177

      Intermodeling, Queries, and Kleisli Categories

    2. Chapter

      Pages 178-193

      Concurrent Model Synchronization with Conflict Resolution Based on Triple Graph Grammars

    3. Chapter

      Pages 194-208

      Recursive Checkonly QVT-R Transformations with General when and where Clauses via the Modal Mu Calculus

    4. Chapter

      Pages 209-223

      Graph Transforming Java Data

  7. Modelling and Adaptation

    1. Chapter

      Pages 224-239

      Language Independent Refinement Using Partial Modeling

    2. Chapter

      Pages 240-254

      A Conceptual Framework for Adaptation

  8. Product Lines and Feature-Oriented Programming

    1. Chapter

      Pages 255-269

      Applying Design by Contract to Feature-Oriented Programming

    2. Chapter

      Pages 270-284

      Integration Testing of Software Product Lines Using Compositional Symbolic Execution

    3. Chapter

      Pages 285-300

      Combining Related Products into Product Lines

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