Book Volume 7118 2012

Selected Areas in Cryptography

18th International Workshop, SAC 2011, Toronto, ON, Canada, August 11-12, 2011, Revised Selected Papers


ISBN: 978-3-642-28495-3 (Print) 978-3-642-28496-0 (Online)

Table of contents (25 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Selected Areas in Cryptography 2011

    1. Cryptanalysis of Hash Functions

      1. Chapter

        Pages 1-18

        Boomerang Distinguishers on MD4-Family: First Practical Results on Full 5-Pass HAVAL

      2. Chapter

        Pages 19-36

        Improved Analysis of ECHO-256

      3. Chapter

        Pages 37-54

        Provable Chosen-Target-Forced-Midfix Preimage Resistance

      Security in Clouds

      1. Chapter

        Pages 55-72

        On CCA-Secure Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption

      2. Chapter

        Pages 73-91

        Efficient Schemes for Anonymous Yet Authorized and Bounded Use of Cloud Resources

      Invited Paper I

      1. Chapter

        Pages 92-117

        Group Law Computations on Jacobians of Hyperelliptic Curves

      Bits and Randomness

      1. Chapter

        Pages 118-133

        Cryptographic Analysis of All 4 × 4-Bit S-Boxes

      2. Chapter

        Pages 134-150

        The Cryptographic Power of Random Selection

      3. Chapter

        Pages 151-168

        Proof of Empirical RC4 Biases and New Key Correlations

      Cryptanalysis of Ciphers I

      1. Chapter

        Pages 169-184

        Combined Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round PRINTcipher

      2. Chapter

        Pages 185-199

        Practical Attack on the Full MMB Block Cipher

      3. Chapter

        Pages 200-212

        Conditional Differential Cryptanalysis of Trivium and KATAN

      Cryptanalysis of Ciphers II

      1. Chapter

        Pages 213-229

        Some Instant- and Practical-Time Related-Key Attacks on KTANTAN32/48/64

      2. Chapter

        Pages 230-242

        Analysis of the Initial and Modified Versions of the Candidate 3GPP Integrity Algorithm 128-EIA3

      3. Chapter

        Pages 243-259

        New Insights on Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis

      Cryptanalysis of Public-Key Cryptography

      1. Chapter

        Pages 260-277

        A Unified Framework for Small Secret Exponent Attack on RSA

      Cipher Implementation

      1. Chapter

        Pages 278-292

        Very Compact Hardware Implementations of the Blockcipher CLEFIA

      Invited Paper II

      1. Chapter

        Pages 293-319

        Another Look at Tightness

      New Designs

      1. Chapter

        Pages 320-337

        Duplexing the Sponge: Single-Pass Authenticated Encryption and Other Applications

      2. Chapter

        Pages 338-355

        Blockcipher-Based Double-Length Hash Functions for Pseudorandom Oracles

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