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The Ways of Federalism in Western Countries and the Horizons of Territorial Autonomy in Spain

Volume 1

ISBN: 978-3-642-27719-1 (Print) 978-3-642-27720-7 (Online)

Table of contents (42 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xvii

  2. General Overview. Federal Challenges in the Era of Globalization

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1

    2. Chapter

      Pages 3-14

      Opening Pandora’s Box: Process and Paradox in the Federalism of Political Identity

    3. Chapter

      Pages 15-28

      Contradiction and Crisis in the Federal Idea

    4. Chapter

      Pages 29-60

      From Competitive Federalism to Global Market Federalism

    5. Chapter

      Pages 61-72

      Multilevel Constitutionalism and Federalism: Reflections upon the Congress on “The Path to Federalism in the State of Autonomies”

    6. Chapter

      Pages 73-82

      Constitutional Courts in Federated States and Entities

    7. Chapter

      Pages 83-102

      Beyond Institutional Design: The Political Culture of Federalism (A Normative Approach)

    8. Chapter

      Pages 103-113

      Balancing Self-Rule and Shared-Rule: Sources of Tensions and Political Responses in Contemporary Political Systems

    9. Chapter

      Pages 115-124

      A Federalist’s Defence of Decentralization

    10. Chapter

      Pages 125-134

      Democracy-Coated Authoritarianism: How Federalism May Act as a Cover for Undemocratic Governments

    11. Chapter

      Pages 135-143

      The Challenges of the Federative Principle in the Twenty-First Century

    12. Chapter

      Pages 145-153

      Global Federalism: A Solution for the Global Economic Crisis?

    13. Chapter

      Pages 155-164

      Defending the Federation: The Federal Challenge to National Defence Policy Making in Canada

    14. Chapter

      Pages 165-178

      Some Questions Regarding Responsibility for Non-compliance with International Obligations in Federal States and in Spain

    15. Chapter

      Pages 179-190

      The Spanish Autonomous Model in Poland? The Political Concept of the Silesian Autonomy Movement

    16. Chapter

      Pages 191-199

      “Sustainable Differentiation”: The Twenty-First Century Challenge to Decentralization (A Comparative Study of Italy and Spain, with Special Attention to Constitutional Case Law)

    17. Chapter

      Pages 201-217

      Participation of the German Länder and Autonomous Communities in the European Union: A Comparative Analysis

    18. Chapter

      Pages 219-231

      The Construction of German Fiscal Federalism vs. the Deconstruction of Spanish “Fiscal Federalism”

    19. Chapter

      Pages 233-240

      The Senate: Chamber of Territorial Representation. Reasons for Its Existence

    20. Chapter

      Pages 241-253

      Reinventing the European Union: The Financial Crisis, an Opportunity for a Federal Model

    21. Chapter

      Pages 255-264

      Spanish State of Autonomies and Economic Freedom: Challenges of the European Economic Constitution Paradigm

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