Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications 2012 (INDIA 2012) held in Visakhapatnam, India, January 2012


ISBN: 978-3-642-27442-8 (Print) 978-3-642-27443-5 (Online)

Table of contents (108 chapters)

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    Optimization of Task Allocation Using Quantum Game Theory with Artificial Intelligence

  3. Chapter

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    Improving the Grid Scheduling Performance with Fault Tolerance Using Genetic Algorithm

  4. Chapter

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    The Performance Analysis of a Novel Enhanced Artificial Bee Colony Inspired Global Best Harmony Search Algorithm for Clustering

  5. Chapter

    Pages 29-37

    Artificial Bee Colony Based Image Clustering

  6. Chapter

    Pages 39-46

    Novel Approach to Polygamous Selection in Genetic Algorithms

  7. Chapter

    Pages 47-58

    Gang Scheduling Strategy for Request Processing in Cluster Based Video-on-Demand Systems

  8. Chapter

    Pages 59-66

    Does Social Communicability Mediate the Role of Trust in Mobile Phone Adoption? An Individual Level Multi-nation Exploratory Study

  9. Chapter

    Pages 67-74

    Data Security for Virtual Data Centers by Commutative Key

  10. Chapter

    Pages 75-82

    Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing Functional Link Artificial Neural Network Based Software Cost Estimation

  11. Chapter

    Pages 83-91

    Detecting and Searching System for Event on Internet Blog Data Using Cluster Mining Algorithm

  12. Chapter

    Pages 93-101

    Knowledge Based Evolutionary Programming: Cultural Algorithm Approach for Constrained Optimization

  13. Chapter

    Pages 103-110

    New Measure of Interestingness for Efficient Extraction of Association Rules

  14. Chapter

    Pages 111-118

    Improving Prediction of Interdomain Linkers in Protein Sequences Using a Consensus Approach

  15. Chapter

    Pages 119-126

    Unconstrained Handwritten Digit OCR Using Projection Profile and Neural Network Approach

  16. Chapter

    Pages 127-135

    Reduct Generation by Formation of Directed Minimal Spanning Tree Using Rough Set Theory

  17. Chapter

    Pages 137-144

    Misclassification and Cluster Validation Techniques for Feature Selection of Diseased Rice Plant Images

  18. Chapter

    Pages 145-152

    A Novel GA-SVM Based Multistage Approach for Recognition of Handwritten Bangla Compound Characters

  19. Chapter

    Pages 153-160

    Cascaded Correlation Neural Network Based Microcalcification Detection in Mammographic Images

  20. Chapter

    Pages 161-168

    TertProt: A Protein Fold Recognition Method Using Protein Secondary Structure Program

  21. Chapter

    Pages 169-177

    Analysis of E.coli Promoter Regions Using Classification, Association and Clustering Algorithms

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