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Manfredo P. do Carmo – Selected Papers



ISBN: 978-3-642-25587-8 (Print) 978-3-642-25588-5 (Online)

Table of contents (34 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xiii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-5

    A Summary of the Scientific Activities

  3. Chapter

    Pages 7-27

    Summary of the Papers in this Volume

  4. Chapter

    Pages 29-42

    The Cohomology Ring of Certain Kählerian Manifolds

  5. Chapter

    Pages 43-45

    Isometric immersions with semi-definite second quadratic forms

  6. Chapter

    Pages 47-63

    Minimal Submanifolds of a Sphere with Second Fundamental Form of Constant Length

  7. Chapter

    Pages 65-76

    Rigidity and Convexity of Hypersurfaces in Spheres

  8. Chapter

    Pages 77-91

    Brief Survey Of Minimal Submanifolds II

  9. Chapter

    Pages 93-112

    Minimal immersions of spheres into spheres

  10. Chapter

    Pages 113-114

    Spherical Images of Convex Surfaces

  11. Chapter

    Pages 115-128

    On the Size of a Stable Minimal Surface in R 3

  12. Chapter

    Pages 129-138

    On Minimal Immersions with Parallel Normal Curvature Tensor

  13. Chapter

    Pages 139-143

    Minimal Surfaces: Stability and Finiteness

  14. Chapter

    Pages 145-161

    A Proof of a General Isoperimetric Inequality for Surfaces

  15. Chapter

    Pages 163-166

    Stable Complete Minimal Surfaces in R 3 are Planes

  16. Chapter

    Pages 167-182

    Stability of Minimal Surfaces and Eigenvalues of the Laplacian

  17. Chapter

    Pages 183-193

    Stability Of Minimal Submanifolds

  18. Chapter

    Pages 195-219

    Rotation Hypersurfaces in Spaces of Constant Curvature

  19. Chapter

    Pages 221-235

    Stability of Hypersurfaces with Constant Mean Curvature

  20. Chapter

    Pages 237-251

    Compact Conformally Flat Hypersurfaces

  21. Chapter

    Pages 253-265

    The influence of the boundary behaviour on hypersurfaces with constant mean curvature in H n+1

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