Book Volume 6758 2011

Transactions on Edutainment VI


ISBN: 978-3-642-22638-0 (Print) 978-3-642-22639-7 (Online)

Table of contents (25 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Digital Media and Digital Content Management (Papers from DMDCM 2010)

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-11

      Prediction and Visualization for Urban Heat Island Simulation

    2. Chapter

      Pages 12-19

      Architecture Design and Avatar Customization of On-Line Expo

    3. Chapter

      Pages 20-26

      3D Face Texture Stitching Based on Differential Coordinates

    4. Chapter

      Pages 27-39

      Physically-Based Tree Animation and Leaf Deformation Using CUDA in Real-Time

    5. Chapter

      Pages 40-48

      Simulation of Implosion and Transportation of Ore in Digital Mine

    6. Chapter

      Pages 49-56

      An Automatic and Robust Chessboard Corner Extraction

    7. Chapter

      Pages 57-66

      An Adaptive Gradient Enhanced Texture Based Tracking Algorithm for Video Monitoring Applications

  3. Computer Animation and Social Agents (Papers from CASA 2011)

    1. Chapter

      Pages 67-78

      A Novel Method for Large Crowd Flow

    2. Chapter

      Pages 79-88

      Evoking Panic in Crowd Simulation

    3. Chapter

      Pages 89-98

      A Behavior Model Based On Information Transmission for Crowd Simulation

    4. Chapter

      Pages 99-110

      Pattern Based Motion for Crowd Simulation

    5. Chapter

      Pages 111-121

      Adding Physical Like Reaction Effects to Skeleton-Based Animations Using Controllable Pendulums

    6. Chapter

      Pages 122-131

      Movement Classes from Human Motion Data

    7. Chapter

      Pages 132-143

      Front View vs. Side View of Facial and Postural Expressions of Emotions in a Virtual Character

    8. Chapter

      Pages 144-153

      Evaluating Emotional Content of Acted and Algorithmically Modified Motions

    9. Chapter

      Pages 154-163

      An Emotion Model for Virtual Agents with Evolvable Motivation

    10. Chapter

      Pages 164-181

      Sketch-Based Skeleton-Driven 2D Animation and Motion Capture

    11. Chapter

      Pages 182-192

      A Multi-layer Model for Face Aging Simulation

    12. Chapter

      Pages 193-205

      Particle-Based Fracture Simulation on the GPU

    13. Chapter

      Pages 206-215

      Mining Subsidence Prediction Based on 3D Stratigraphic Model and Visualization

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