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Detoxification of Heavy Metals


ISBN: 978-3-642-21407-3 (Print) 978-3-642-21408-0 (Online)

Table of contents (22 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xxviii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-34

    Detoxification of Heavy Metals: State of Art

  3. Chapter

    Pages 35-57

    Plants in Heavy Metal Soils

  4. Chapter

    Pages 59-72

    Functional Significance of Metal Ligands in Hyperaccumulating Plants: What Do We Know?

  5. Chapter

    Pages 73-90

    Progress in Phytoremediating Heavy-Metal Contaminated Soils

  6. Chapter

    Pages 91-109

    Plant Taxonomy and Metal Phytoremediation

  7. Chapter

    Pages 111-128

    Reclamation of Contaminated Mine Ponds Using Marble Wastes, Organic Amendments, and Phytoremediation

  8. Chapter

    Pages 129-142

    The Role of Membrane Transport in the Detoxification and Accumulation of Zinc in Plants

  9. Chapter

    Pages 143-167

    Initial Steps of Copper Detoxification: Outside and Inside of the Plant Cell

  10. Chapter

    Pages 169-179

    Arsenic Tolerance and Detoxification Mechanisms in Plants

  11. Chapter

    Pages 181-203

    Cadmium Metal Detoxification and Hyperaccumulators

  12. Chapter

    Pages 205-220

    Transport, Accumulation, and Physiological Effects of Vanadium

  13. Chapter

    Pages 221-260

    Microbial Remediation of Arsenic Contaminated Soil

  14. Chapter

    Pages 261-272

    Fate of Cadmium in Calcareous Soils under Salinity Conditions

  15. Chapter

    Pages 273-287

    Organellar Proteomics: A High-Throughput Approach for better Understanding of Heavy Metal Accumulation and Detoxification in Plants

  16. Chapter

    Pages 289-301

    Sulfur Metabolism as a Support System for Plant Heavy Metal Tolerance

  17. Chapter

    Pages 303-316

    Cd(II)-Activated Synthesis of Phytochelatins

  18. Chapter

    Pages 317-344

    Tolerance, Accumulation, and Detoxification Mechanism of Copper in Elsholtzia splendens

  19. Chapter

    Pages 345-368

    Role of Aquatic Macrophytes in Biogeochemical Cycling of Heavy Metals, Relevance to Soil-Sediment Continuum Detoxification and Ecosystem Health

  20. Chapter

    Pages 369-388

    Role of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria and Fungi in Heavy Metal Detoxification

  21. Chapter

    Pages 389-405

    Detoxification of Heavy Metals From Soils Through Sugar Crops

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