Advances in Power Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Second International Conference, PEIE 2011, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, April 21-22, 2011. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-642-20498-2 (Print) 978-3-642-20499-9 (Online)

Table of contents (20 chapters)

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      Bandwidth Enhancement of Stacked Microstrip Antennas Using Hexagonal Shape Multi-resonators

    2. Chapter

      Pages 7-12

      Study of Probabilistic Neural Network and Feed Forward Back Propogation Neural Network for Identification of Characters in License Plate

    3. Chapter

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      Efficient Minimization of Servo Lag Error in Adaptive Optics Using Data Stream Mining

    4. Chapter

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      Soft Switching of Modified Half Bridge Fly-Back Converter

    5. Chapter

      Pages 26-33

      A Novel Approach for Prevention of SQL Injection Attacks Using Cryptography and Access Control Policies

    6. Chapter

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      IMC Design Based Optimal Tuning of a PID-Filter Governor Controller for Hydro Power Plant

    7. Chapter

      Pages 43-49

      Thermal and Flicker Noise Modelling of a Double Gate MOSFET

    8. Chapter

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      Optimizing Resource Sharing in Cloud Computing

    9. Chapter

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      Design of Controller for an Interline Power Flow Controller and Simulation in MATLAB

  3. Short Paper

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      Harmonics Reduction and Amplitude Boosting in Polyphase Inverter Using 60° PWM Technique

    2. Chapter

      Pages 69-72

      Face Recognition Using Gray Level Weight Matrix (GLWM)

    3. Chapter

      Pages 73-78

      Location for Stability Enhancement in Power Systems Based on Voltage Stability Analysis and Contingency Ranking

    4. Chapter

      Pages 79-82

      Reliable Barrier-Free Services (RBS) for Heterogeneous Next Generation Network

  4. Poster Paper

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      Pages 83-87

      Power Factor Correction Based on RISC Controller

    2. Chapter

      Pages 88-94

      Customized NoC Topologies Construction for High Performance Communication Architectures

    3. Chapter

      Pages 95-104

      Improving CPU Performance and Equalizing Power Consumption for Multicore Processors in Agent Based Process Scheduling

    4. Chapter

      Pages 105-108

      Wireless 3-D Gesture and Chaaracter Recoginition

    5. Chapter

      Pages 109-112

      Design of High Sensitivity SOI Piezoresistive MEMS Pressure Sensor

    6. Chapter

      Pages 113-116

      Power Factor Correction in Wound Rotor Induction Motor Drive by Using Dynamic Capacitor

    7. Chapter

      Pages 117-122

      An Intelligent Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using Classification Techniques

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