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Semantic Web Rules

International Symposium, RuleML 2010, Washington, DC, USA, October 21-23, 2010. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-642-16288-6 (Print) 978-3-642-16289-3 (Online)

Table of contents (25 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Keynotes and Invited Demos

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-1

      Logical Spreadsheets

    2. Chapter

      Pages 2-15

      NIEM Canonical XML Dictionaries and Rule Engine Systems

    3. Chapter

      Pages 16-19

      Implementing SBVR with a Practitioner’s Perspective

  3. Rules and Uncertainty

    1. Chapter

      Pages 20-34

      A Practical Management of Fuzzy Truth-Degrees Using FLOPER

    2. Chapter

      Pages 35-49

      A Rule-Based Implementation of Fuzzy Tableau Reasoning

  4. Rule-Based Event Processing and Reaction Rules

    1. Chapter

      Pages 50-65

      Ensuring Compliance with Semantic Constraints in Process Adaptation with Rule-Based Event Processing

    2. Chapter

      Pages 66-73

      Establishing a Procedure Model for Combining and Synergistically Aligning Business Rules and Processes within Ontologies

  5. Rules and Inferencing

    1. Chapter

      Pages 74-88

      Rule-Based Contextual Reasoning in Ambient Intelligence

    2. Chapter

      Pages 89-103

      Enhancing a Smart Space with Answer Set Programming

    3. Chapter

      Pages 104-118

      Superiority Based Revision of Defeasible Theories

    4. Chapter

      Pages 119-127

      On the Problem of Computing Ambiguity Propagation and Well-Founded Semantics in Defeasible Logic

  6. Rule Transformation and Extraction

    1. Chapter

      Pages 128-143

      Generating SQL Queries from SBVR Rules

    2. Chapter

      Pages 144-152

      Representing Financial Reports on the Semantic Web:

    3. Chapter

      Pages 153-161

      Transformation of SBVR Compliant Business Rules to Executable FCL Rules

  7. Rules, Semantic Technology, and Cross-Industry Standards

    1. Chapter

      Pages 162-178

      RuleML 1.0: The Overarching Specification of Web Rules

  8. Rules and Norms

    1. Chapter

      Pages 179-193

      Defining Access Control Rules with Conditions

    2. Chapter

      Pages 194-209

      Norm Compliance in Business Process Modeling

    3. Chapter

      Pages 210-224

      Application of an Ontology-Based and Rule-Based Model to Selected Economic Crimes: Fraudulent Disbursement and Money Laundering

  9. Rule-Based Distributed/Multi-Agent Systems

    1. Chapter

      Pages 225-239

      A Contract Agreement Policy-Based Workflow Methodology for Agents Interacting in the Semantic Web

    2. Chapter

      Pages 240-250

      Photorealistic Semantic Web Service Groundings: Unifying RESTful and XML-RPC Groundings Using Rules, with an Application to Flickr

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