Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2010

13th International Conference, Beijing, China, September 20-24, 2010, Proceedings, Part III

  • Tianzi Jiang
  • Nassir Navab
  • Josien P. W. Pluim
  • Max A. Viergever
Conference proceedings MICCAI 2010

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-15711-0

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6363)

Table of contents (83 papers)

  1. Front Matter
  2. Segmentation and Modeling

    1. Combining Morphological Information in a Manifold Learning Framework: Application to Neonatal MRI
      P. Aljabar, R. Wolz, L. Srinivasan, S. Counsell, J. P. Boardman, M. Murgasova et al.
      Pages 1-8
    2. Extraction of the Plane of Minimal Cross-Sectional Area of the Corpus Callosum Using Template-Driven Segmentation
      Neda Changizi, Ghassan Hamarneh, Omer Ishaq, Aaron Ward, Roger Tam
      Pages 17-24
    3. Automated Segmentation of 3-D Spectral OCT Retinal Blood Vessels by Neural Canal Opening False Positive Suppression
      Zhihong Hu, Meindert Niemeijer, Michael D. Abràmoff, Kyungmoo Lee, Mona K. Garvin
      Pages 33-40
    4. Detection of Gad-Enhancing Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis Using Conditional Random Fields
      Zahra Karimaghaloo, Mohak Shah, Simon J. Francis, Douglas L. Arnold, D. Louis Collins, Tal Arbel
      Pages 41-48
    5. Automated Sulci Identification via Intrinsic Modeling of Cortical Anatomy
      Yonggang Shi, Bo Sun, Rongjie Lai, Ivo Dinov, Arthur W. Toga
      Pages 49-56
    6. In Vivo MRI Assessment of Knee Cartilage in the Medial Meniscal Tear Model of Osteoarthritis in Rats
      Zhiyong Xie, Serguei Liachenko, Ping-Chun Chiao, Santos Carvajal-Gonzalez, Susan Bove, Thomas Bocan
      Pages 57-64
    7. Construction of Neuroanatomical Shape Complex Atlas from 3D Brain MRI
      Ting Chen, Anand Rangarajan, Stephan J. Eisenschenk, Baba C. Vemuri
      Pages 65-72
    8. Non-parametric Iterative Model Constraint Graph min-cut for Automatic Kidney Segmentation
      M. Freiman, A. Kronman, S. J. Esses, L. Joskowicz, J. Sosna
      Pages 73-80
    9. Synthetic MRI Signal Standardization: Application to Multi-atlas Analysis
      Juan Eugenio Iglesias, Ivo Dinov, Jaskaran Singh, Gregory Tong, Zhuowen Tu
      Pages 81-88
    10. Multi-organ Segmentation from Multi-phase Abdominal CT via 4D Graphs Using Enhancement, Shape and Location Optimization
      Marius George Linguraru, John A. Pura, Ananda S. Chowdhury, Ronald M. Summers
      Pages 89-96
    11. A Semi-automatic Method for Segmentation of the Carotid Bifurcation and Bifurcation Angle Quantification on Black Blood MRA
      Hui Tang, Robbert S. van Onkelen, Theo van Walsum, Reinhard Hameeteman, Michiel Schaap, Fufa. L. Tori et al.
      Pages 97-104
    12. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Improving Medical Image Segmentation via Bias Correction
      Hongzhi Wang, Sandhitsu Das, John Pluta, Caryne Craige, Murat Altinay, Brian Avants et al.
      Pages 105-112
    13. Layout Consistent Segmentation of 3-D Meshes via Conditional Random Fields and Spatial Ordering Constraints
      Alexander Zouhar, Sajjad Baloch, Yanghai Tsin, Tong Fang, Siegfried Fuchs
      Pages 113-120
    14. Cross-Visit Tumor Sub-segmentation and Registration with Outlier Rejection for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Time Series Data
      G. A. Buonaccorsi, C. J. Rose, J. P. B. O’Connor, C. Roberts, Y. Watson, A. Jackson et al.
      Pages 121-128
    15. Nonlocal Patch-Based Label Fusion for Hippocampus Segmentation
      Pierrick Coupé, José V. Manjón, Vladimir Fonov, Jens Pruessner, Montserrat Robles, D. Louis Collins
      Pages 129-136
    16. Cellular Automata Segmentation of Brain Tumors on Post Contrast MR Images
      Andac Hamamci, Gozde Unal, Nadir Kucuk, Kayihan Engin
      Pages 137-146
    17. Agreement-Based Semi-supervised Learning for Skull Stripping
      Juan Eugenio Iglesias, Cheng-Yi Liu, Paul Thompson, Zhuowen Tu
      Pages 147-154

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About these proceedings


The13thInternationalConferenceonMedicalImageComputingandComputer- Assisted Intervention, MICCAI 2010, was held in Beijing, China from 20-24 September,2010.ThevenuewastheChinaNationalConventionCenter(CNCC), China’slargestandnewestconferencecenterwith excellentfacilities andaprime location in the heart of the Olympic Green, adjacent to characteristic constr- tions like the Bird’s Nest (National Stadium) and the Water Cube (National Aquatics Center). MICCAI is the foremost international scienti?c event in the ?eld of medical image computing and computer-assisted interventions. The annual conference has a high scienti?c standard by virtue of the threshold for acceptance, and accordingly MICCAI has built up a track record of attracting leading scientists, engineersandcliniciansfromawiderangeoftechnicalandbiomedicaldisciplines. This year, we received 786 submissions, well in line with the previous two conferences in New York and London. Three program chairs and a program committee of 31 scientists, all with a recognized standing in the ?eld of the conference, were responsible for the selection of the papers. The review process was set up such that each paper was considered by the three program chairs, two program committee members, and a minimum of three external reviewers. The review process was double-blind, so the reviewers did not know the identity of the authors of the submission. After a careful evaluation procedure, in which all controversialand gray area papers were discussed individually, we arrived at a total of 251 accepted papers for MICCAI 2010, of which 45 were selected for podium presentation and 206 for poster presentation. The acceptance percentage (32%) was in keeping with that of previous MICCAI conferences. All 251 papers are included in the three MICCAI 2010 LNCS volumes.


3D graphics Diffusion MR images MRI Moment Opening Spline brain modeling classification computer-aided diagnosis image segmentation modeling robotic surgery soft-tissue simulation surgery simulation

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