Book Volume 6243 2010

Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2010

9th International Conference, ICEC 2010, Seoul, Korea, September 8-11, 2010. Proceedings

ISBN: 978-3-642-15398-3 (Print) 978-3-642-15399-0 (Online)

Table of contents (77 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Long Papers

    1. New Interfaces and Entertainment Robots

      1. Chapter

        Pages 1-8

        Baby Robot “YOTARO”

      2. Chapter

        Pages 9-19

        A Card Playing Humanoid for Understanding Socio-emotional Interaction

      3. Chapter

        Pages 20-31

        DreamThrower: Creating, Throwing and Catching Dreams for Collaborative Dream Sharing

      4. Chapter

        Pages 32-42

        Everyone Can Do Magic: An Interactive Game with Speech and Gesture Recognition

      User Interfaces

      1. Chapter

        Pages 43-54

        Onomatopen: Painting Using Onomatopoeia

      2. Chapter

        Pages 55-66

        Helping Hands: Designing Video Games with Interpersonal Touch Interaction

      3. Chapter

        Pages 67-78

        Investigating the Affective Quality of Motion in User Interfaces to Improve User Experience

      Serious Games and Collaborative Interaction

      1. Chapter

        Pages 79-90

        The MINWii Project: Renarcissization of Patients Suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease Through Video Game-Based Music Therapy

      2. Chapter

        Pages 91-102

        Virtual Team Performance Depends on Distributed Leadership

      3. Chapter

        Pages 103-114

        Nonverbal Behavior Observation: Collaborative Gaming Method for Prediction of Conflicts during Long-Term Missions

      4. Chapter

        Pages 115-126

        Engaging Autistic Children in Imitation and Turn-Taking Games with Multiagent System of Interactive Lighting Blocks

      Tools and Networks

      1. Chapter

        Pages 127-138

        Multiple Page Recognition and Tracking for Augmented Books

      2. Chapter

        Pages 139-150

        Online Scene Modeling for Interactive AR Applications

      3. Chapter

        Pages 151-159

        Unnecessary Image Pair Detection for a Large Scale Reconstruction

      4. Chapter

        Pages 160-170

        Online Gaming Traffic Generator for Reproducing Gamer Behavior

      Game Theory and User Studies

      1. Chapter

        Pages 171-182

        Click or Strike: Realistic versus Standard Game Controls in Violent Video Games and Their Effects on Aggression

      2. Chapter

        Pages 183-192

        Logos, Pathos, and Entertainment

      3. Chapter

        Pages 193-204

        The Video Cube Puzzle: On Investigating Temporal Coordination

      4. Chapter

        Pages 205-215

        Emotions: The Voice of the Unconscious

  3. Short Papers

    1. Game Theory, User Studies and Story Telling

      1. Chapter

        Pages 216-223

        Analyzing the Parameters of Prey-Predator Models for Simulation Games

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