An Irregular Mind

Szemerédi is 70


ISBN: 978-3-642-14443-1 (Print) 978-3-642-14444-8 (Online)

Table of contents (23 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages 1-20

  2. Chapter

    Pages 21-37

    Universality, Tolerance, Chaos and Order

  3. Chapter

    Pages 39-129

    Super-Uniformity of The Typical Billiard Path

  4. Chapter

    Pages 131-217

    Percolation on Self-Dual Polygon Configurations

  5. Chapter

    Pages 219-242

    On Exponential Sums in Finite Fields

  6. Chapter

    Pages 243-250

    An Estimate of Incomplete Mixed Character Sums

  7. Chapter

    Pages 251-260

    Crossings Between Curves With Many Tangencies

  8. Chapter

    Pages 261-334

    An Arithmetic Regularity Lemma, An Associated Counting Lemma, and Applications

  9. Chapter

    Pages 335-342

    Yet Another Proof Of Szemerédi's Theorem

  10. Chapter

    Pages 343-357

    Online Linear Discrepancy of Partially Ordered Sets

  11. Chapter

    Pages 359-404

    On The Triangle Removal Lemma For Subgraphs of Sparse Pseudorandom Graphs

  12. Chapter

    Pages 405-414

    Almost All F-Free Graphs Have The Erdös-Hajnal Property

  13. Chapter

    Pages 415-446

    Regularity Partitions and The Topology of Graphons

  14. Chapter

    Pages 447-490

    Extremal Problems for Sparse Graphs

  15. Chapter

    Pages 491-524

    Squares In Sumsets

  16. Chapter

    Pages 525-559

    Are There Arbitrarily Long Arithmetic Progressions In The Sequence of Twin Primes?

  17. Chapter

    Pages 561-590

    Dirac-Type Questions For Hypergraphs — A Survey (Or More Problems For Endre To Solve)

  18. Chapter

    Pages 591-605

    Towards A Noncommutative Plünnecke-Type Inequality

  19. Chapter

    Pages 607-617

    Quasirandom Multitype Graphs

  20. Chapter

    Pages 619-650

    Pseudorandomness In Computer Science and In Additive Combinatorics

  21. Chapter

    Pages 651-657

    Introduction To The Polymath Project and “Density Hales-Jewett and Moser Numbers”

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