Book Volume 5984 2010

Information, Security and Cryptology – ICISC 2009

12th International Conference, Seoul, Korea, December 2-4, 2009, Revised Selected Papers


ISBN: 978-3-642-14422-6 (Print) 978-3-642-14423-3 (Online)

Table of contents (25 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Key Management and Key Exchange

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-15

      Generic One Round Group Key Exchange in the Standard Model

    2. Chapter

      Pages 16-33

      Modeling Leakage of Ephemeral Secrets in Tripartite/Group Key Exchange

    3. Chapter

      Pages 34-46

      Efficient Certificateless KEM in the Standard Model

  3. Public Key Cryptography

    1. Chapter

      Pages 47-64

      Accelerating Twisted Ate Pairing with Frobenius Map, Small Scalar Multiplication, and Multi-pairing

    2. Chapter

      Pages 65-72

      Factoring Unbalanced Moduli with Known Bits

  4. Algebraic Cryptanalysis and Stream Cipher

    1. Chapter

      Pages 73-86

      Algebraic Cryptanalysis of SMS4: Gröbner Basis Attack and SAT Attack Compared

    2. Chapter

      Pages 87-100

      MXL3: An Efficient Algorithm for Computing Gröbner Bases of Zero-Dimensional Ideals

    3. Chapter

      Pages 101-117

      Improved Linear Cryptanalysis of SOSEMANUK

  5. Security Management and Efficient Implementation

    1. Chapter

      Pages 118-128

      Serial Model for Attack Tree Computations

    2. Chapter

      Pages 129-145

      Lightweight Cryptography and RFID: Tackling the Hidden Overheads

  6. Side Channel Attack

    1. Chapter

      Pages 146-160

      Power Analysis of Single-Rail Storage Elements as Used in MDPL

    2. Chapter

      Pages 161-175

      A Timing Attack against Patterson Algorithm in the McEliece PKC

    3. Chapter

      Pages 176-192

      Side-Channel Analysis of Cryptographic Software via Early-Terminating Multiplications

  7. Privacy Enhanced Technology

    1. Chapter

      Pages 193-210

      First CPIR Protocol with Data-Dependent Computation

    2. Chapter

      Pages 211-228

      Efficient Fuzzy Matching and Intersection on Private Datasets

    3. Chapter

      Pages 229-244

      Efficient Privacy-Preserving Face Recognition

  8. Cryptographic Protocol

    1. Chapter

      Pages 245-257

      Linear, Constant-Rounds Bit-Decomposition

    2. Chapter

      Pages 258-273

      Attacking and Repairing the Improved ModOnions Protocol

    3. Chapter

      Pages 274-299

      Secret Handshakes with Revocation Support

  9. Cryptanalysis of Hash Function

    1. Chapter

      Pages 300-314

      Practical Rebound Attack on 12-Round Cheetah-256

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