Advances in Research in Karst Media

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Table of contents (80 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Karst Hydrogeology

    1. Front Matter

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    2. Book Chapter

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      Sustainable Water Resources with Case Studies in Historic Areas in Egypt and Syria

    3. Book Chapter

      Pages 13-18

      Resources Assessment of a Small Karstic Mediterranean Aquifer (South-Eastern, Spain)

    4. Book Chapter

      Pages 19-24

      Sensitivity Analysis of APLIS Method to Compute Spatial Variability of Karst Aquifers Recharge at the National Park of Viñales (Cuba)

    5. Book Chapter

      Pages 25-30

      First Outcomes from New Approach in Assessing Recharge of Highly Karstified Terrains – Cases Examples from Montenegro

    6. Book Chapter

      Pages 31-36

      Climate Change Effects on Aquifer Recharge in a Glacierised Karst Aquifer System, Tsanfleuron-Sanetsch, Swiss Alps

    7. Book Chapter

      Pages 37-42

      Recharge Enhancement and Protection of a Karst Aquifer in Central Texas

    8. Book Chapter

      Pages 43-48

      Flow Potential Between Stacked Karst Aquifers in Central Texas, USA

    9. Book Chapter

      Pages 49-55

      Access to Coastal Karst Water Resources Through a Salinity Study During an Exceptional High-Water Event: the Case of Port-Miou (Cassis, SE France)

    10. Book Chapter

      Pages 57-62

      Is the Term ‘Karst Aquifer’ Misleading?

    11. Book Chapter

      Pages 63-68

      Evidence of an Early Phreatic and Confined Karst Phase in Minervois, South of France

    12. Book Chapter

      Pages 69-74

      Characteristics of Heterogeneous Shimbar Karstic Systems in Southwest Iran

    13. Book Chapter

      Pages 75-81

      Application of Wavelet Correlation Analysis to the Karst Spring of Fuenmayor. San Julian de Banzo, Huesca, Spain

    14. Book Chapter

      Pages 83-88

      Recession Curve Analysis to Constrain Rainfall-Discharge Model Parameterisation

    15. Book Chapter

      Pages 89-94

      Time Series Analysis of Saraw Springs – SE of Sulaimaniya, Iraqi Kurdistan Region

    16. Book Chapter

      Pages 95-100

      Analysis of Spring Discharges During Droughts: Example from Karst Systems of Southern Italy

    17. Book Chapter

      Pages 101-106

      Use of Combined Recession Curves Analyses of Neighbouring Karstic Springs to Reveal Karstification Degree of Groundwater Springing Routes

    18. Book Chapter

      Pages 107-113

      Problems of Flood and Drought in a Typical Peak Cluster Depression Karst Area (SW China)

    19. Book Chapter

      Pages 115-121

      Influence of Great Flood on the Functioning of Karst Aquifer: Example of the Fontaine de Vaucluse Karst System (SE France)

    20. Book Chapter

      Pages 123-129

      Localisation of a Reactive Transport Zone in a Saturated Karstic Conduit Deduced from Natural and Artificial Tracer Tests

    21. Book Chapter

      Pages 131-136

      The Characteristics of Groundwater Flow in Karst Aquifers During Long Lasting Low Flow Conditions, Example from SW Slovenia

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