Communication and Networking

International Conference, FGCN/ACN 2009, Held as Part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2009, Jeju Island, Korea, December 10-12, 2009. Proceedings

ISBN: 978-3-642-10843-3 (Print) 978-3-642-10844-0 (Online)

Table of contents (75 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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    Pages 1-8

    A Dynamic Interval Scheduling and Congestion Control Scheme for Sensor Networks

  3. Chapter

    Pages 9-16

    Game Theoretic Packet Scheduling in a Non-cooperative Wireless Environment

  4. Chapter

    Pages 17-24

    Security Authentication for U-Health Application Services

  5. Chapter

    Pages 25-32

    Priority Early Frame Discard Algorithm for TCP-Based Video Streaming

  6. Chapter

    Pages 33-40

    CDN-Based Video Streaming Using Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

  7. Chapter

    Pages 41-50

    2-Layered SOA Test Architecture Based on BPA-Simulation Event

  8. Chapter

    Pages 51-57

    Impacts of Power Ramping for ARQ-Aided Downlink Time Switched Transmit Diversity in the WCDMA LCR-TDD System

  9. Chapter

    Pages 58-64

    Active Worm Propagation in Hierarchical Peer-to-Peer Network Management Systems: Modeling and Analysis

  10. Chapter

    Pages 65-73

    Security Enhancement on an Improvement on Two Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards

  11. Chapter

    Pages 74-82

    Improving the Performance of Beacon Safety Message Dissemination in Vehicular Networks Using Kalman Filter Estimation

  12. Chapter

    Pages 83-88

    Media-Oriented Service Overlay Network Architecture over Future Internet Research for Sustainable Testbed

  13. Chapter

    Pages 89-96

    Monotonically Increasing Bit Vector for Authenticated Anonymous Routing

  14. Chapter

    Pages 97-104

    Avoid Unnecessary Handovers in a High Dense Environment

  15. Chapter

    Pages 105-113

    Adaptive Beamforming in Wireless Sensor Network in the Presence of Interference Sources

  16. Chapter

    Pages 114-121

    Performance Analysis of Collaborative Communication with Imperfect Frequency Synchronization and AWGN in Wireless Sensor Networks

  17. Chapter

    Pages 122-132

    The Performance Improvement of Searching a Moving Vehicle on Fisheye CCTV Image Using Inverse Diffusion Equation

  18. Chapter

    Pages 133-140

    Scheduling Algorithm for Beacon Safety Message Dissemination in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

  19. Chapter

    Pages 141-148

    Influence of Low-Pass Filtering on Perceived Quality of Asymmetrically Coded Stereoscopic Images

  20. Chapter

    Pages 149-156

    Module-Based Finite Automata: A Scalable and Memory-Efficient Architecture for Multi-pattern Matching in Deep Packet Inspection

  21. Chapter

    Pages 157-164

    Architecture of Personal Healthcare Information System in Ubiquitous Healthcare

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