Book Volume 5764 2009

Smart Spaces and Next Generation Wired/Wireless Networking

9th International Conference, NEW2AN 2009 and Second Conference on Smart Spaces, ruSMART 2009, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 15-18, 2009. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-642-04188-4 (Print) 978-3-642-04190-7 (Online)

Table of contents (33 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. ruSMART

    1. Invited Talk

      1. Chapter

        Pages 1-7

        ITU Concept and Home Automation

      Session I

      1. Chapter

        Pages 8-21

        Extending Context Spaces Theory by Predicting Run-Time Context

      2. Chapter

        Pages 22-31

        Cross-Domain Interoperability: A Case Study

      3. Chapter

        Pages 32-41

        A Topology Based Approach for Context-Awareness in Smart Environments

      4. Chapter

        Pages 42-51

        Anonymous Agent Coordination in Smart Spaces: State-of-the-Art

      Session II

      1. Chapter

        Pages 52-65

        On-the-Fly Situation Composition within Smart Spaces

      2. Chapter

        Pages 66-76

        Empower Mobile Workspaces by Wireless Networks and Wearable Computing

      3. Chapter

        Pages 77-88

        Multimodal Interaction with Intelligent Meeting Room Facilities from Inside and Outside

      Session III

      1. Chapter

        Pages 89-96

        Ubi-Check: A Pervasive Integrity Checking System

      2. Chapter

        Pages 97-109

        Towards a Lightweight Security Solution for User-Friendly Management of Distributed Sensor Networks

      3. Chapter

        Pages 110-119

        Cross-Site Management of User Online Attributes

  3. NEW2AN

    1. Teletraffic Issues

      1. Chapter

        Pages 120-131

        Analysis and Optimization of Aggregation in a Reconfigurable Optical ADD/DROP Multiplexer

      2. Chapter

        Pages 132-142

        Teletraffic Capacity Performance of WDM/DS-OCDMA Passive Optical Network

      3. Chapter

        Pages 143-153

        Estimation of GoS Parameters in Intelligent Network

      4. Chapter

        Pages 154-167

        Multi-Skill Call Center as a Grading from “Old” Telephony

      Traffic Measurements, Modeling, and Control

      1. Chapter

        Pages 168-179

        A Real-Time Algorithm for Skype Traffic Detection and Classification

      2. Chapter

        Pages 180-190

        HTTP Traffic Measurements on Access Networks, Analysis of Results and Simulation

      3. Chapter

        Pages 191-205

        The Video Streaming Monitoring in the Next Generation Networks

      4. Chapter

        Pages 206-216

        The Poisson Cluster Process Runs as a Model for the Internet Traffic

      Peer-to-Peer Systems

      1. Chapter

        Pages 217-228

        Proactive Peer-to-Peer Traffic Control When Delivering Large Amounts of Content within a Large-Scale Organization

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