Advances in Agent-Based Complex Automated Negotiations

ISBN: 978-3-642-03189-2 (Print) 978-3-642-03190-8 (Online)

Table of contents (11 chapters)

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  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-20

    The Prediction of Partners’ Behaviors in Self-interested Agents

  3. Chapter

    Pages 21-37

    Sequential Auctions for Common Value Objects with Budget Constrained Bidders

  4. Chapter

    Pages 39-59

    A Comparative Study of Argumentation- and Proposal-Based Negotiation

  5. Chapter

    Pages 61-88

    The Blind Leading the Blind: A Third-Party Model for Bilateral Multi-issue Negotiations under Incomplete Information

  6. Chapter

    Pages 89-117

    Using Clustering Techniques to Improve Fuzzy Constraint Based Automated Purchase Negotiations

  7. Chapter

    Pages 119-137

    Assess Your Opponent: A Bayesian Process for Preference Observation in Multi-attribute Negotiations

  8. Chapter

    Pages 139-160

    Designing Risk-Averse Bidding Strategies in Sequential Auctions for Transportation Orders

  9. Chapter

    Pages 161-176

    CPN-Based State Analysis and Prediction for Multi-agent Scheduling and Planning

  10. Chapter

    Pages 177-195

    Adaptive Commitment Management Strategy Profiles for Concurrent Negotiations

  11. Chapter

    Pages 197-214

    Analyses of Task Allocation Based on Credit Constraints

  12. Chapter

    Pages E1-E1

    Erratum: The Prediction of Partners’ Behaviors in Self-interested Agents

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