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8th International IFIP-TC 6 Networking Conference, Aachen, Germany, May 11-15, 2009. Proceedings

ISBN: 978-3-642-01398-0 (Print) 978-3-642-01399-7 (Online)

Table of contents (75 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Ad-Hoc Networks: Sensor Networks

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-13

      Calibrating Wireless Sensor Network Simulation Models with Real-World Experiments

    2. Chapter

      Pages 14-25

      Experimental Study: Link Quality and Deployment Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks

    3. Chapter

      Pages 26-39

      Aggregation Protocols for High Rate, Low Delay Data Collection in Sensor Networks

    4. Chapter

      Pages 40-51

      Event Based Fairness for Video Surveillance Sensor Networks

  3. Modelling: Routing and Queuing

    1. Chapter

      Pages 52-65

      Humpty Dumpty: Putting iBGP Back Together Again

    2. Chapter

      Pages 66-78

      Performance Evaluation of Weighted Fair Queuing System Using Matrix Geometric Method

    3. Chapter

      Pages 79-91

      Counting Flows over Sliding Windows in High Speed Networks

    4. Chapter

      Pages 92-103

      Heterogeneous Protection in Regular and Complete Bi-partite Networks

  4. Peer to Peer: Analysis

    1. Chapter

      Pages 104-116

      Conducting and Optimizing Eclipse Attacks in the Kad Peer-to-Peer Network

    2. Chapter

      Pages 117-130

      On the Optimal Scheduling of Streaming Applications in Unstructured Meshes

    3. Chapter

      Pages 131-144

      Identify P2P Traffic by Inspecting Data Transfer Behaviour

    4. Chapter

      Pages 145-156

      Where Is My Peer? Evaluation of the Vivaldi Network Coordinate System in Azureus

  5. Quality of Service: New Protocols

    1. Chapter

      Pages 157-168

      IP Fast ReRoute: Lightweight Not-Via

    2. Chapter

      Pages 169-181

      QoS Support for Mobile Users Using NSIS

    3. Chapter

      Pages 182-194

      Real Time Identification of SSH Encrypted Application Flows by Using Cluster Analysis Techniques

    4. Chapter

      Pages 195-206

      Evaluation of a Multiobjective Alternative Routing Method in Carrier IP/MPLS Networks

  6. Wireless Networks: Planning and Performance

    1. Chapter

      Pages 207-219

      Dimensioning and Location Planning for Wireless Networks under Multi-level Cooperative Relaying

    2. Chapter

      Pages 220-233

      Multi-user OFDMA Frame Aggregation for Future Wireless Local Area Networking

    3. Chapter

      Pages 234-247

      WIFE: Wireless Indoor Positioning Based on Fingerprint Evaluation

    4. Chapter

      Pages 248-259

      Performance Analysis of Packet Aggregation in WLANs with Simultaneous Multi-user Access

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