Book Volume 5385 2008

Internet and Network Economics

4th International Workshop, WINE 2008, Shanghai, China, December 17-20, 2008. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-540-92184-4 (Print) 978-3-540-92185-1 (Online)

Table of contents (78 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Invited Talks 1: Special Session

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-1

      Mechanism Design Theory: How to Implement Social Goals

    2. Chapter

      Pages 2-3

      Thirty Years of Chinese Economic Reform: Reasons for Its Success and Future Directions

  3. Invited Talks 2: Plenary Session

    1. Chapter

      Pages 4-11

      Average Distance, Diameter, and Clustering in Social Networks with Homophily

    2. Chapter

      Pages 12-12

      Assignment Exchanges

    3. Chapter

      Pages 13-13

      Search Engine Ad Auctions

    4. Chapter

      Pages 14-14

      Computational Economy Equilibrium and Application

  4. Invited Talks 3: Tutorial Session

    1. Chapter

      Pages 15-15

      Four Graph Partitioning Algorithms

    2. Chapter

      Pages 16-16

      Dynamic Spectrum Management: Optimization and Game Theoretic Formulations

    3. Chapter

      Pages 17-17

      Some Recent Results in Algorithmic Game Theory

    4. Chapter

      Pages 18-18

      The Elements of General Equilibrium Theory

  5. Session A.1: Market Equilibrium

    1. Chapter

      Pages 19-30

      A Fast and Simple Algorithm for Computing Market Equilibria

    2. Chapter

      Pages 31-40

      A FPTAS for Computing a Symmetric Leontief Competitive Economy Equilibrium

    3. Chapter

      Pages 41-52

      Online and Offline Selling in Limit Order Markets

    4. Chapter

      Pages 53-60

      Predictive Pricing and Revenue Sharing

    5. Chapter

      Pages 61-69

      Dual Payoffs, Core and a Collaboration Mechanism Based on Capacity Exchange Prices in Multicommodity Flow Games

  6. Session B.1: Congestion Games

    1. Chapter

      Pages 70-81

      Graphical Congestion Games

    2. Chapter

      Pages 82-93

      How Hard Is It to Find Extreme Nash Equilibria in Network Congestion Games?

    3. Chapter

      Pages 94-108

      On the Road to \(\mathcal{PLS}\) -Completeness: 8 Agents in a Singleton Congestion Game

    4. Chapter

      Pages 109-117

      Conflicting Congestion Effects in Resource Allocation Games

    5. Chapter

      Pages 118-125

      The Price of Malice in Linear Congestion Games

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