Book Volume 5240 2008

Business Process Management

6th International Conference, BPM 2008, Milan, Italy, September 2-4, 2008. Proceedings


ISBN: 978-3-540-85757-0 (Print) 978-3-540-85758-7 (Online)

Table of contents (32 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Invited Talks (Abstracts)

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-1

      Business Process Management: Today and Tomorrow

    2. Chapter

      Pages 2-2

      Understanding and Impacting the Practice of Business Process Management

    3. Chapter

      Pages 3-3

      The Future of BPM: Flying with the Eagles or Scratching with the Chickens?

  3. Regular Papers

    1. Chapter

      Pages 4-19

      Applying Patterns during Business Process Modeling

    2. Chapter

      Pages 20-35

      Modularity in Process Models: Review and Effects

    3. Chapter

      Pages 36-50

      Model Driven Business Transformation – An Experience Report

    4. Chapter

      Pages 51-66

      Supporting Flexible Processes through Recommendations Based on History

    5. Chapter

      Pages 67-83

      Visual Support for Work Assignment in Process-Aware Information Systems

    6. Chapter

      Pages 84-99

      From Personal Task Management to End-User Driven Business Process Modeling

    7. Chapter

      Pages 100-115

      The Refined Process Structure Tree

    8. Chapter

      Pages 116-131

      Covering Places and Transitions in Open Nets

    9. Chapter

      Pages 132-147

      Correcting Deadlocking Service Choreographies Using a Simulation-Based Graph Edit Distance

    10. Chapter

      Pages 148-163

      Predicting Coupling of Object-Centric Business Process Implementations

    11. Chapter

      Pages 164-179

      Instantiation Semantics for Process Models

    12. Chapter

      Pages 180-195

      A Probabilistic Strategy for Setting Temporal Constraints in Scientific Workflows

    13. Chapter

      Pages 196-211

      Workflow Simulation for Operational Decision Support Using Design, Historic and State Information

    14. Chapter

      Pages 212-227

      Analyzing Business Continuity through a Multi-layers Model

    15. Chapter

      Pages 228-243

      Resource Allocation vs. Business Process Improvement: How They Impact on Each Other

    16. Chapter

      Pages 244-260

      Detecting and Resolving Process Model Differences in the Absence of a Change Log

    17. Chapter

      Pages 261-277

      Diagnosing Differences between Business Process Models

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