Unifying Themes in Complex Systems

Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Complex Systems

  • Ali Minai
  • Dan Braha
  • Yaneer Bar-Yam
Conference proceedings

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-85081-6

Table of contents (77 papers)

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Methods

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Deep and Broad are the Laws of Emergence?
      Susan Sgorbati, Bruce Weber
      Pages 11-18
    3. On an irreducible theory of complex systems
      Victor Korotkikh, Galina Korotkikh
      Pages 19-26
    4. Measuring and Tracking Complexity in Science
      Jacek Marczyk, Balachandra Deshpande
      Pages 27-33
    5. Data-Driven Modeling of Complex Systems
      Val K. Bykovsky
      Pages 34-41
    6. Modelling Complex Systems by Integration of Agent-Based and Dynamical Systems Models
      Tibor Bosse, Alexei Sharpanskykh, Jan Treur
      Pages 42-49
    7. Dual phase evolution — a mechanism for self-organization in complex systems
      David G. Green, Tania G. Leishman, Suzanne Sadedin
      Pages 58-65
    8. A new measure of heterogeneity of complex networks based on degree sequence
      Jun Wu, Yue-Jin Tan, Hong-Zhong Deng, Da-Zhi Zhu
      Pages 66-73
    9. Are technological and social networks really different?
      Daniel E. Whitney, David Alderson
      Pages 74-81
    10. Estimating the dynamics of kernel-based evolving networks
      Gábor Csárdi, Katherine Strandburg, László Zalányi, Jan Tobochnik, Péter érdi
      Pages 90-97
    11. Consensus Problems on Small World Graphs: A Structural Study
      Pedram Hovareshti, John S. Baras
      Pages 98-105
    12. Complex Knowledge Networks and Invention Collaboration
      Thomas F. Brantle, M. Hosein Fallah
      Pages 106-113
    13. Complexity, Competitive Intelligence and the “First Mover” Advantage
      Philip Vos Fellman, Jonathan Vos Post
      Pages 114-121
    14. Adaptive capacity of geographical clusters: Complexity science and network theory approach
      Vito Albino, Nunzia Carbonara, Ilaria Giannoccaro
      Pages 130-137
    15. Corporate Strategy an Evolutionary Review
      Philip V. Fellman
      Pages 138-145

About these proceedings


The International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS) creates a unique atmosphere for scientists of all fields, engineers, physicians, executives, and a host of other professionals to explore the common themes and applications of complex systems science. In June 2006, 500 participants convened in Boston for the sixth ICCS, exploring an array of topics, including networks, systems biology, evolution and ecology, nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation, as well as neural, psychological, psycho-social, socio-economic, and global systems.  

This volume selects 77 papers from over 300 presented at the conference. With this new volume, Unifying Themes in Complex Systems continues to build common ground between the wide-ranging domains of complex systems science.


biocomplexity complex Systems complex system knowledge neural networks self-organization

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  • Ali Minai
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  • Dan Braha
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  • Yaneer Bar-Yam
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  1. 1.Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Computer ScienceUniveristy of CincinnatiCincinnatiUSA
  2. 2.New England Complex Systems InstituteCambridgeUSA

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