Book Volume 4987 2008

Medical Imaging and Informatics

2nd International Conference, MIMI 2007, Beijing, China, August 14-16, 2007 Revised Selected Papers

ISBN: 978-3-540-79489-9 (Print) 978-3-540-79490-5 (Online)

Table of contents (44 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

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  2. Keynote Speeches

    1. Chapter

      Pages 1-4

      Complexity Aspects of Image Classification

    2. Chapter

      Pages 5-11

      The Open Three Consortium: An Open-Source Initiative at the Service of Healthcare and Inclusion

    3. Chapter

      Pages 12-17

      Extending the Radiological Workplace Across the Borders

    4. Chapter

      Pages 18-24

      From Frame to Framless Stereotactic Operation—Clinical Application of 2011 Cases

  3. Medical Image Segmentation and Registration

    1. Chapter

      Pages 25-34

      Medical Image Segmentation Based on the Bayesian Level Set Method

    2. Chapter

      Pages 35-43

      A Worm Model Based on Artificial Life for Automatic Segmentation of Medical Images

    3. Chapter

      Pages 44-50

      An Iterative Reconstruction for Poly-energetic X-ray Computed Tomography

    4. Chapter

      Pages 51-56

      Application of Tikhonov Regularization to Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Brain MRI Images

    5. Chapter

      Pages 57-62

      A Simple Enhancement Algorithm for MR Head Images

    6. Chapter

      Pages 63-71

      A Novel Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Artificial Ant Colonies

    7. Chapter

      Pages 72-79

      Characteristics Preserving of Ultrasound Medical Images Based on Kernel Principal Component Analysis

    8. Chapter

      Pages 80-88

      Robust Automatic Segmentation of Cell Nucleus Using Multi-scale Space Level Set Method

    9. Chapter

      Pages 89-98

      Principal Geodesic Analysis for the Study of Nonlinear Minimum Description Length

  4. Medical Informatics

    1. Chapter

      Pages 99-108

      Learning a Frequency–Based Weighting for Medical Image Classification

    2. Chapter

      Pages 109-117

      Greek-English Cross Language Retrieval of Medical Information

    3. Chapter

      Pages 118-124

      Interest Point Based Medical Image Retrieval

    4. Chapter

      Pages 125-132

      Texture Analysis Using Modified Computational Model of Grating Cells in Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval

    5. Chapter

      Pages 133-140

      A New Solution to Changes of Business Entities in Hospital Information Systems

    6. Chapter

      Pages 141-150

      A Software Client for Wi-Fi Based Real-Time Location Tracking of Patients

    7. Chapter

      Pages 151-159

      Significance of Region of Interest Applied on MRI and CT Images in Teleradiology-Telemedicine

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